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Warwick Nest

Through the Warwick Nest project, we want to support our students in creating a student-centred, sustainable low carbon building on campus, whilst exploring how students can be more involved in their own teaching and learning: acting as co-producers.

We are working with the student society Engineers Without Borders Warwick, IATL and an external architect to make this a reality. There’s much to gain from this project, including:

  • Encouraging collaboration not only between staff and students, but between many different University departments.
  • Challenging the University to think differently about how support services like Estates can work with students and academics.
  • Giving the students involved the opportunity to shape their learning and our campus, developing key skills which will go on to benefit them in the workplace.

The Nest itself will be:

• A showpiece of sustainability with a modern, striking design: demonstrating Warwick’s commitment to a low-carbon future

• An exploration of innovative and collaborative space, based on entrepreneurial incubators: demonstrating best practice for interactive and unique space that is forward-thinking and replicable.

• A template for future student-led initiatives: showing practically how students can influence and own their University experience.

Check out this blog by the IATL research team and watch this video from Engineers Without Borders to find out more:

Who's involved?

The Warwick Nest is a collaboration between: