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Our Strategy

Professor Nigel Thrift, Vice-Chancellor

Vision 2015 was published in September 2007 outlining a set of ideas, principles, some important priorities and the key activities intended to launch The University of Warwick towards its fiftieth anniversary. Four years on and the environment has changed, but our ambitions remain undiminished and our overarching strategy remains to increase academic excellence whilst recognising the distinctive strengths and characteristics that mark Warwick out as a unique force in higher education. It is timely and sensible to update Vision 2015, first to recognise success and the embedding of successful change and, second, to set out a direction for the coming years that both reflects the realities of the new situation, and responds to the new opportunities which will emerge. This strategy has been developed with hard work, vision and the input of the whole University community, through a wide consultation. By drawing on the ideas, expertise and in-depth knowledge of the University and on our ambitious drive for excellence, the consultation has resulted in a strategy which is challenging, relevant to the changing economic context and true to Warwick’s values and distinctiveness.

Professor Nigel Thrift,
Vice-Chancellor and President

Our Goals

1: Research and Scholarship
Research and Scholarship

To make Warwick an undisputed world leader in research and scholarship.

2: Student Experience
Student Experience

To ensure a high-quality and distinctive Warwick student experience.

3: Internationalism

To make Warwick an international beacon by embedding internationalism into every area of the University's mission.

4: Stakeholders

To further strengthen our sense of community and increase engagement with our stakeholders in order to enhance the University's reputation in the UK and overseas.

5: Sustainability
To ensure the ongoing sustainability of the University.

Warwick's values remain relevant and undiminished: the values that have served us so well over the past 45 years will help to pilot Warwick though the challenging years ahead of us.
The main ambitions underlying this Strategy have not changed since it was first conceived in 2007.