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Tue, Jan 31, '17
6:30pm - 8:30pm
Warwick Midlands Network present: Globalisation v Localisation

With the recent UK referendum result where the majority of the UK population voted to leave the EU by 52% voting Yes, to 48% voting No, the U.S. election result where Donald Trump has been elected as the new President of one of the world's greatest super-powers, both coupled with the rising tide of anti-establishment and nationalistic parties coming to the fore in the continent of Europe, we ask the question:

Has Globalisation as a universal project began to falter, with National and Local currents rising to fill the void?

We will be welcoming a panel of local industry specialists to discuss, debate and answer the questions that will affect the region.

Tue, Feb 7, '17
6pm - 8pm
Public Science Events 2016/17: Food Security - keeping plant pathogens at bay
School of Life Sciences Atrium

Our ability to grow plants productively is under severe and increasing threat from climate change and global trade. Discover how our research, which covers weeds and crops through to trees and even includes bananas, strives to understand and mitigate these threats to ensure that we can feed ourselves in the future.

Thu, Feb 23, '17
7:30pm - 10:30pm
Dinner and informal networking in Munich

We would like to invite you to join us for a dinner in the centre of Munich.

Tue, Apr 18, '17
6pm - 8pm
Public Science Events 2016/17: The Microbiome
School of Life Sciences Atrium

We all have one, but what is a microbiome? Discover the huge impact your microbiome has on you and your health! Microbiomes are vital in plant health and nutrient uptake, animal health and livestock rearing. Discover how we can manipulate microbiomes to reduce spread of antibiotic resistance.