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Mon, Sep 11, '17
Ancient ‘Holism’ in Graeco-Roman medicine and its cultural context
ICS, Senate House, Malet St, London

Runs from Monday, September 11 to Tuesday, September 12.

Localisation has always been one of the key modalities, if not the central modality by which we read ancient accounts of human fundamental bodily experiences such as pathology, emotions and mental alteration. The firm identification of a locus affectus, an organ (or a set of organs) involved, or a suffering area of the body is indeed very visible in medical discussions of diseases and disorders, whether strictly physiological or also mental, as well as poetic representations of biological or mental experiences. The alternative modality, that of de-localisation and more generally of an attention to human experiences of the body as diffuse, dynamic and explicitly disjointed from a firm location has received instead much less attention.

This conference brings together scholars of ancient science and philosophy and experts in Graeco-Roman literature and culture to explore the ancient sources against powerful and influential contemporary constructs such as holism, psycho-somatic unity, and systemic approaches to human health, in order to highlight a less scrutinised feature of ancient readings of the body, as well as a strand of modern and contemporary reception of ancient medical ideas.

Participation is free, but places are limited and registration is required. Please contact Chiara Thumiger ( to register.

Fri, Sep 22, '17
Rethinking Ancient Pharmacology: the transmission and interpretation of Galen's treatise On simple drugs
British School in Rome
Sat, Mar 10, '18
Remarkable Things: The Agency of Objecthood and the Power of Materiality
University of Warwick

Conference funded by Warwick Humanities Research Centre.

Keynote Speakers:

Professor Patricia Spyer (The Graduate Institute, Geneva)

Dr Lambros Malafouris (Oxford University)