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Postgraduate students' current research topics


  • Paul Grigsby: 'Boiotian Games: Festivals, Agones, and the Development of Boiotian Identity'. Supervisors: Prof James Davidson / Dr Zahra Newby
  • Marta Barbato: Coin circulation in Central Italy in the Late republican period . Supervisor: Prof Suzanne Frey-Kupper
  • Joanna Kemp: Roman imperialism in the time of Hadrian. Supervisor: Prof. Alison Cooley
  • Miriam Hay: Defining a Late Antique Aesthetic in Art and Text. Supervisor: Dr Zahra Newby
  • Nathan Murphy: Coins: A Third-Century Crisis? Supervisor: Prof Kevin Butcher
  • Victoria Jewell: Colour in Greek and Roman Art. Supervisors: Dr Zahra Newby, Dr Michael Scott
  • Simone Mollea. Humanitas. Dr Victoria Rimell, Dr Maude Vanhaelen
  • Kathryn Thompson: Apotropaia. Supervisor: Prof Alison Cooley
  • Nigel Heathcote. Tyrants at Rome. Supervisor: Dr Zahra Newby
  • James Currie: Roman Sicily and the Transition from Republic to Empire. Supervisors: Prof Alison Cooley, Prof Suzanne Frey-Kupper


  • Nick Brown. Supervisors: Dr David Fearn and Dr Michael Scott
  • Martina Russo. The politics and poetics of flattery in Seneca the Younger. Dr Victoria Rimell
  • George Green: Coinage. Supervisor: Prof Kevin Butcher
  • Effimia Stavropoulou: Metals in Greek literature. Supervisors: Dr Emmanuela Bakola/ Dr David Fearn
  • David Swan: Celtic coinage. Supervisors: Dr Clare Rowan/ Prof Kevin Butcher
  • Denise Wilding: Tokens. Supervisors: Dr Clare Rowan/ Prof Kevin Butcher
  • Paloma Perez-Galvan: Epigraphic manuscripts in the Renaissance. Supervisors: Prof Ingrid De Smet/ Prof Alison Cooley

MA by Research

  • Cassia Lonsdale: Translation. Supervisor: Dr David Fearn

Taught MA in Ancient Visual and Material Culture

  • Ben Howarth

  • Charlotte Mann

  • Giles Penman

Recently completed research degrees


  • Desiree Arbo: 'The Uses of Classical Learning in the Rio de la Plata, c.1750-1820'. Supervisors: Prof Andrew Laird, Prof Rebecca Earle (2017)
  • Rebecca Taylor: 'Ancient Philosophy and Medicine'. Supervisor: Prof Simon Swain (2016)
  • Alexander Peck: 'Haec Patria Est: The Conceptualisation, Function and Nature of Patria in the Roman World. Supervisor: Prof. Alison Cooley (2016, AHRC funded)
  • Ghislaine van der Ploeg: 'The Impact of the Roman Empire on the Cult of Asclepius'. Supervisor: Prof. Alison Cooley (2016)
  • Rocco Di Dio: 'Marsilio Ficino’s notebooks : a case of Renaissance reading practices'. Supervisor Dr Maude Vanhaelen (2016; joint Classics/Ancient History + Centre for Renaissance Studies)
  • Ersin Hussein: 'Power and Identity in Roman Cyprus'. Supervisor: Prof. Alison Cooley (2014)
  • John Roberts: 'The Prolegomena of La Cerda'a Commentary on Virgil: a Commented Edition'. Supervisor: Prof Andrew Laird (2013)
  • Aileen Das: 'Reception of Plato's Timaeus in Medieval Islamic Medicine'. Supervisor: Dr Maude Vanhaelen (2014)
  • Jack Nurpetlian: ‘Coinage in late Hellenistic and Roman Syria : the Orontes Valley (1st century BC-3rd
    century AD)’. Supervisor: Prof. Kevin Butcher (2013)
  • Vanessa MacKenzie: Supervisors: Dr Zahra Newby & Dr Alison Cooley (2012)
  • Kate Beats: Size, surface and shape : experiencing the Athenian vase. Supervisor: Prof. James Davidson (2012)
  • Eva Mussio: Supervisor: Prof. Simon Swain (2012)

MA by research

  • Kate Carlin (2016) The Image of Aphrodite. Supervisors: Dr Dan Orrells/Dr Michael Scott
  • Andrew Ballantine (2016) Supervisor: Caroline Petit
  • Helen Walker (2015): Women in the Classical World. Supervisors: Dr Zahra Newby/ Dr Michael Scott
  • Sofia Guthrie (2015): Antoine Garissoles' Adolphid.
  • Nathan Murphy (2015): Coinage in the Roman provinces. Supervisor: Prof Kevin Butcher
  • Sean Quinn: Ptolemaic Royal Women. Supervisors: Dr Fabienne Marchand/ Dr David Fearn
  • Edd O'Neill: Arrian, the New Xenophon. Supervisor: Dr Fabienne Marchand.
  • Jessica Walker: Perceptions of imperial power under Caligula. Supervisor: Prof Alison Cooley.
  • Abigael Flack: Suetonius' Approach to Biography in the De Vita Caesarum: Supervisor: Prof. Alison Cooley.
  • Carlo Pileggi: Provincial revolt in the early Roman empire. Supervisor: Prof Kevin Butcher.
  • Judi Blackwell: Warfare and Economy in the Roman World. Supervisor: Prof. Kevin Butcher.
  • Paul Grigsby: Oracle of Trophonios. Supervisor: Prof James Davidson.
  • Clara Hiskey: Hegel and Nietzsche's views on the Greeks. Supervisor: Dr Dan Orrells.
  • Joanna Kemp: An investigation into the development and dissemination of Augustan ideology. Supervisor: Prof Alison Cooley.

Congratulations to the following students who have recently successfully completed taught MA degrees:

  • Katrina Anderson (MA in Visual and Material Culture of Ancient Rome)
  • Simon Collier (merit, MA in Visual and Material Culture of Ancient Rome)
  • Mark Griffiths (distinction, MA in Visual and Material Culture of Ancient Rome)
  • Miles Pearce (merit, MA in Ancient Visual and Material Culture)
  • Paloma Perez Galvan (distinction, MA in Ancient Visual and Material Culture)
  • Annie Sharples (merit, MA in Ancient Visual and Material Culture)
  • Kerry Wallace (merit, MA in Ancient Visual and Material Culture)
  • Alexandra Widdowson (distinction, MA in Ancient Visual and Material Culture)