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Modules - 2017/18

For information on how to apply for an English module, please see here - Options Season Information.

Below is a summary of the Department's undergraduate modules that we plan to offer in the 2017/18 academic session. These are listed to help students make an informed choice when deciding on module preferences. Whilst we will endeavour to keep any changes to a minimum, please be aware that there may be times when we have to amend the modules that we can run.

1st Year / Level One

EN101 Epic into Novel
EN107 British Theatre since 1939 - English and Theatre students only
EN121 Medieval to Renaissance English Literature
EN122 Modes of Reading

EN123 Modern World Literatures

EN124 Modes of Writing -
English and Creative Writing students only

2nd & 3rd Year (ie Honours Level)

Most modules offered are available as options to all students. Please note that some of the module pages will state that they are Pathway Approved Options or Requirements or Distributional Requirements for different Q300 pathways. This information is there to assist Q300 students in making their module choices and does not exclude anyone from choosing those modules as one of their options.

EN213 U.S. Writing and Culture, 1780-1920
EN226 Drama and Democracy -
2nd Year English and Theatre students only
EN227 Romantic and Victorian Poetry 
EN228 Seventeenth Century: The First Modern Age of English Literature
EN229 Literary and Cultural Theory

EN232 Composition and Creative Writing -
compulsory core module 2nd yr English & Creative Writing degree only
EN236 The Practice of Fiction - for ELCW Finalists only
EN238 The Practice of Poetry - 2nd year only module & priority is given to English and Creative Writing students
EN240 Screenwriting 
EN245 The English Nineteenth Century Novel
EN251 New Literatures in English
EN252 Chaucer
EN263 Devolutionary British Fiction
EN264 Explorations in Critical Theory
EN267 Literature, Environment, Ecology
EN268 Modernist Cultures
EN273 Reeling and Writhing
EN277 Transnational Feminisms
EN278 Ends and Beginnings

EN301 Shakespeare and Selected Dramatists of his Time
EN302 European Theatre
EN304 Twentieth Century US Literature 
EN320 Dissertation (application to be approved in advance; deadline to submit a fully approved form is Friday week 1, term 3 - see module webpage for full details, application form and useful workshop to help prepare you over the summer)
EN323 Othello (15 CATS) final year students only
EN328 English Literature and Feminisms 1799-1899
EN329 Personal Writing Project
EN330 Eighteenth-Century Literature
EN331 Poetry in English since 1945
EN334 Crime Fiction, Nation and Empire: Britain 1850-1947
EN336States of Damage: Twenty-First Century US Writing and Culture
EN338 Russian Narratives
EN347 Shakespeare and the Law (15 CATS) final year students only
EN352 Restoration Drama (15 CATS, T2)
EN353 Early Modern Drama (15 CATS, T1)
EN356 Renaissance Translations (15 CATS, T1)
EN360 Ben Jonson in Context (15 CATS, T2)
EN361 Introduction to Alternative Lifeworlds Fiction (Science Fiction, Fantasy and the Weird)
EN363 How to Read a Translation (15 CATS)
EN364 Literature and Empire: Britain and the Caribbean to C.1900
EN368 The Question of the Animal (15 CATS, T1)
EN370 Commodity Fictions: World Literature and World-Ecology
EN372 Queer and There: Queer Theory and the History of Sexuality in the Global Context  (15 CATS, T2)
EN375 Fiction Now: Narrative, Media and Theory in the 21st Century
EN377 Literature, Theory and Time

EN379 The Marriage Plot: romance, sex and feminism in English Fiction (15 CATS)

Remaking Shakespeare
Inventing Selves 1- Life Writing (15 CATS, T1)
EN383 Inventing Selves 2 - Life Writing (15 CATS, T2)

ENXXX Queering the Literary Landscape: LGBTQ+ Literature and Culture in the Contemporary World  (15 CATS, T1)- module code pending
Small Press Publishing: History, Theory, Practice  (15 CATS, T1)- module code pending
Further Explorations in Medieval Literature I (15 CATS, T2) - module code pending

Modules from other departments

English students may also take modules from other departments following discussion with their Personal Tutor. Students will need to approach other Departments directly to enquire about what modules are on offer. Below are some useful links to help you get a feel for what may be on offer.