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Offer-holder and Open Days: Staff Rota

Wednesday 8 February -Q300, ELCW

Wednesday 22nd February - Q300 OHOD, ETS interview

Wednesday 1 Mar - ELCW

Weds 8 Mar - Q300

Details now held at


Weds 26 April - ELCW, Q300, ETS

Bookings for this are managed via Azorus CRM entirely - Will Thomas is the man.

Anthony says he can only be in one place at once. Therre may be some admissions/ recruitment people from SROAS about for some of the ourse related stuff.


ELCW - David Morley

as of 18 April, 47/ 60 booked

schedule - assume timings as 1 Mar. (walk from Arts Centre, 11.40, lunch/ millburn tour 12 -1 large foyer, intro/ course session 1-2 WR, seminars 2-3, WR, G03, and parents in IAS. wind down chat from 3.00

student helpers - see below


Washing up meeting 5.00pm, H5.03.

Q300/ ETS - Michael Meeuwis, David Taylor - correct to 19 Apr, morning

As of 18 April, 57/80 booked. ETS emails are yet to go out, I think, but are signed off.

ETS will join in with Q300 but will have a separate talk when Q300 has pathways, 2- 3.

Schedule to follow, approx 1-1.20 arrival in MS b3.03. (top of maths, will need signs) 1.20 -2.00 hello and welcome, 2- 3 pathway Q300, course talk ETS (location TBA, I'm asking Maths), parents in H545, with tea and cake in prob H502/H507 (H542 and H543 have UGSC, PGSC and SSLC), offer holder seminars 3- 4 (OC, H522, H501, H507, can try in mathc also) ending up in department for 'informal discussions'.

Pathways talk - Ross Forman, MM, ??, ?? (NOT Mark Storey)

Parent Talk - Emma Francis

Sample seminars - Chantal Wright (same as last time), MM, ?? (ETS?),

Informal discussion - MM, Emma Francis, Sarah Wood, Marco Nievergeld


Washing up meeting 5.00pm, H5.03.



Transformations - seesion in Millburn 3.15? Hums at 4.15 ?

Kate Courage should be holding OH as well.

student helpers - note that there are lots of deadlines for them soon, so numbers may be down.

details of Q300/ ETS seminars.??

Student helpers, 26 April


Open Days in June - two of them!

25 April. Overall schedule is being masterminded by Will Thomas. I am negotiating on rooms and times. Someone is organising academics to do stuff on stage. Student helpers so far, below. Anthony

Rooms and times:

Student helpers

Who? Degree Unitemps days times and places
Emily Fung Q300 y   NA - with WWS till 4 pm
Alexandra Chrysanthou Q300 y   with WWS but deployed as seems good to us.
Sophie Miller ELCW y both all of it!
Jorun Bork ELCW y both all of it
Katyana Rocker-Cook ELCW, now MAW   both all of it.
Carrie Roberts Q300   both all of it
Shannon Neill E & F y Friday all of it
Allick McCallum ELCW to MAW   both all
Amy Hodkin ELCW     NA with WWS