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Dr Angela Davis

Angela Davis  
Contact Information
Office: Room H319, third floor of the Humanities Building
Phone: 024 76575521 (internal extension 75521)
Office hours:

(due to the exams period my office hours are subject to change)
Week 10:
Thursday 10.30-12.30

Angela's blog:

Academic Profile
  • Wellcome University Award, Universiy of Warwick, 2013-
  • British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Warwick, 2010-13
  • Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellow, University of Warwick, 2008-10
  • Teaching Fellow in History of Medicine, University of Warwick, 2007-08
Selected publications


  • Angela Davis (2015), Pre-school Childcare in England, 1939-2010: Theory, Practice and Experience (Manchester University Press).
  • Angela Davis (2012), Modern Motherhood: Women and Family in England c. 1945-2000 (Manchester: Manchester University Press).


  • Angela Davis (2013), ‘Women’s experiences of combining childcare and careers in postwar Oxfordshire, c.1940-1990’, The Local Historian; 43; 14-25
  • Angela Davis (2011), ‘A revolution in maternity care? Women and the maternity services, Oxfordshire c. 1948-1974’, Social History of Medicine; 24; 389-406.
  • Angela Davis (2011), ‘When I was young you just went and asked your mother.’ The changing role of friends and kin in the transmission of knowledge about maternity in post-1945 Britain’, Medizin, Gesellschaft und Geschichte, 40; 15-34.
  • Angela Davis (2009), ‘A critical perspective on British social surveys and community studies and their accounts of married life c. 1945-1970’, Cultural and Social History; 6; 47-64.

My current research project is a comparative study of Jewish women's experiences of maternity and infant care in England and Israel: 'Jewish mothers and Jewish babies: Childbearing and childrearing amongst Jewish women in England and Israel'

I have also been looking at the provision and experience of pre-school childcare in Britain during the years 1939-2010: 'Pre-school Childcare, 1939-1979'

My wider research has focused on motherhood in post-war Britain: 'Motherhood in Britain, c.1945-2000'

Oral History Network
I run the Oral History Network at Warwick