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Dr Rosa Salzberg

Rosa Salzberg  



Humanities Building, H307
44 (0)24 76523487 (internal extension 23487)
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Office Hours: on leave until October 2018


Academic Profile

  • Associate Professor of Italian Renaissance History, University of Warwick (2015 - present)
  • Marie Sklowdowska Curie Fellow at the European University Institute, Florence (2016-2018)
  • Assistant Professor of Italian Renaissance History, University of Warwick (2010 - 2015)
  • UK Society for Renaissance Studies, Ruth & Nicolai Rubinstein Postdoctoral Fellow (2009 - 2010)
  • Australian European University Institute Postdoctoral Fellow at the European University Institute in Florence (2009)
  • Doctor of Philosophy, Italian Renaissance History (2009) - Queen Mary College, University of London
  • Master of Arts, Italian Renaissance History (2004) - University of Melbourne, Australia
  • Bachelor of Arts, History major (2002) - University of Melbourne, Australia


Undergraduate Modules Taught

Postgraduate Modules Taught


My major research interest to date has been the early Venetian printing industry, and particularly the production and circulation of ephemeral print. A monograph based on my PhD dissertation, entitled Ephemeral City: Cheap Print and Urban Culture in Renaissance Venice, was published by Manchester University Press in 2014. It investigates the way in which the new technology of print infiltrated the lives of people across the entire spectrum of society in the form of cheap printed pamphlets, broadsheets, and fliers, which were sold for very little, posted up and proclaimed, or given out for free. My research suggests how, within the unique cityscape of Venice, print quickly became woven into the matrix of oral and written communication that underpinned urban life.

A key focus of my dissertation research - the role of itinerant pedlars and performers who published, performed and sold cheap works in public spaces, acting as disseminators of news, information and entertainment at the intersections of print and orality - has led to several publications in journals including the Sixteenth Century Journal, Renaissance Studies and Social and Cultural History.

This interest in mobile individuals and their presence in and passage through the early modern city has led me to a new area of research in the history of migration. I am particularly interested in non-elite migrants who moved within the "melting pot" environment of early modern Venice and its empire. This research will focus on spaces of first arrival for migrants and travellers in the city, such as inns, lodging houses and ferry stations, to examine how they acted as sites of orientation, social and cultural interaction and surveillance points for the local authorities.

I am also a member of the Leverhulme International Network "Luxury and the Manipulation of Desire" based at Warwick.


Selected Publications


Ephemeral City: Cheap Print and Urban Culture in Renaissance Venice by Dr Rosa Salzberg, Manchester University Press, out in paperback June 2016