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Crime and Punishment

Term 3, Week 3 (Lecture 19 and Seminar 15)

Seminar questions

  • To what extent were crime and punishment modernized over the course of the nineteenth century?
  • Had the criminal justice system become more "enlightened" by the end of the century?
  • How did medical ideas about degneration and heredity influence perceptions of crime?
  • What was the link, if any, between urban growth and crime?
  • How did doctors and medical experts account for female criminality?

Core reading:

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  • A Parella ‘Industrialisation and Murder: Northern France 1815-1914’ Journal of Interdisciplinary History 22:4 ( 1992) 627-54

  • R Harris ‘Melodrama , Hysteria and Feminine Crimes of Passion in the Fin-de-Siècle’, History Workshop Journal 25:1 (1988), 31-63

Further reading:


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Women and Crime
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The Penal System and Policing
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Criminology and discourses on crime
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