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The Medieval Legacy

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Discussion topics

·In what ways did religion affect the lives of European people?
·How was the Church in Western Europe organised, and what was the role and significance of the papacy?
·'The threat to the authority of the Church around 1500 came from too much lay piety, rather than too little'. Discuss.


**NOTE: Some eresources are accessible only on-campus or via off-campus proxies or the athens service**





· The Seven Sacraments: excerpts of Catholic Doctrinal Documents (1439)
· The Book of Margery Kempe (c. 1440)
· Jan Hus (1372/73-1415), 'Final Declaration' (1415)
· Thomas a Kempis: The Imitation of Christ, 'The Interior Life: On Meditation' (c. 1420)
· Desiderius Erasmus, The Praise of Folly (1509), esp. chs. on 'Great Illuminated Divines' and 'Monks'
· Thomas More, Utopia (1516)

· The Eucharist: Consecration of the Bread, from pre-Reformation collection of indulgences
·John Lydgate, The Virtues of the Masse, title page (1520)
·Birgitta Suecica, Revelationes, title page (1521) [St Bridget of Sweden]
·Jörg Breu the Elder, 'A question to a mintmaker' (1530), showing the sale of indulgences
·The Ghent Altarpiece

Interactive DVD

The English Parish Church Through the Centuries, ed. Dee Dyas (Christianity and Culture, 2010), section 'Later Middle Ages': featuring relevant texts, images, audio and videos

Audio Links

'O pastor animarum' (plainchant) by Hildegard von Bingen (d. 1179)
Samples from a sung mass by John Taverner (d. 1545), performed by 'The Sixteen'
Samples of Tudor church music performed by the Tallis Scholars
Also search for suitable versions of the following pieces e.g. on
John Browne, 'O Maria Salvatoris' (from the 15thC 'Eton Choir Book')
Guillaume Dufay, 'Vasilissa ergo gaude' (isorhythmic motet for 4 voices)
Stabat Mater, in mode 6 (Gregorian Chant)
Ave Verum (Gregorian Chant)
Nowel: 'Owt Of Your Slepe Aryse' (15th Century Carol)

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Primary Sources: Early Modern & Reformation

Wycliff New Testament

Vulgate Bible

British Library virtual books: see especially Sforza Hours, Sherbourne Missal, Lindisfarne Gospels, Luttrell Psalter (for those without Microsoft Vista click here)

The Gutenberg Bible

Christian Classics Ethereal Library

Reconstruction of a Mass (from 'Danish Liturgical Fragments')

Virtual Norfolk: Popular Piety

Gregorian Chants

Danish Medieval Church Art

English Medieval Church Art

Glossary of religious terms