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The Reformation and Religious Change

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Discussion topics and Essay Questions

· Why did Luther's ideas find such a receptive audience in Germany in the early years of his protest against Rome?
· Should the Lutheran Reformation in Germany be regarded as a success or a failure?
· What was 'new' about Martin Luther?
· To what extent was the Reformation an urban event?
· 'The German Reformation had more to do with politics than principles.' Discuss.


**NOTE: Some eresources are accessible only on-campus or via off-campus proxies or the athens service**





·Martin Luther, 'Address to the Christian Nobility of the German Nation' (1520) excerpts
·Martin Luther, Ninety-Five Theses (1517)
·Exsurge Domine (papal encyclical, 1520)
·Luther, The German Mass and Order of Divine Service (1526)
· The Augsburg Confession
·The Augsburg Confession (in French)
· German Bible, translated by Luther (1541 edn)

·Luther - The Movie (DVD, 2003): Trailer
·Luther Debates with the Catholic Clergy
·Lutheran Eucharist
·Lutheran Preaching
·Lutheran Church Service
·Lucas Cranach the Younger, Last Supper of the Protestants and the Pope's Descent into Hell (c.1540)
·Cranach the Younger, Difference between the Protestant and Catholic service
· Portraits of Luther 
· Portrait of Melanchthon
·Deutsche Messe, 1526 example of adapted chant in the new German Liturgy.

Interactive DVD

The English Parish Church Through the Centuries, ed. Dee Dyas (Christianity and Culture, 2010), section 'Reformation': featuring relevant texts, images, audio and videos

Audio Links

'Historical Association' podcast series on 'The Reformation' (2010), featuring talks by Henry Cohn, Beat Kümin, Peter Marshall and Penny Roberts.
'The Reformation': podcast discussion of David Cayley with Torrance Kirby, Matthew Milner and Robert Tittler ('The Origins of the Modern Public', part 2)
Radio 4 'In Our Time' discussion on Luther and the 'City of Worms'
Luther, Hymn: 'A Mighty Fortress' ('Eine feste Burg ist unser Gott')

Lecture Video
'The Causes of the German Reformation' (Beat Kümin, for the MASSOLIT website)

Secondary literature

General Reading

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Luther and Lutheranism

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Zwingli and the Early Swiss Reformation

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