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The People and Politics

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Discussion topics

What were the 'points of contact' between rulers and ruled in the sixteenth century?
'The people had no role to play in politics.' Discuss.
Which norms and values do we find in elite / popular politics?


**NOTE: Some eresources are accessible only on-campus or via off-campus proxies or the athens service**





· Sworn Constitution of the City of Strasbourg (1482)
· Village oath and decision-making in 16thC Germany
· 'Twelve Articles' of the German Peasants (1525)
·Kett's Rebellion and 'The Proclamation at Norwich' (1549) from Virtual Norfolk
·Contemporary ballad: Londons praise, or, the glory of the city. For more English ballads see the Bodleian library collection (try browsing by year, e.g. 1650)
·Act for repressing of riots and punishment of vagabonds
·The Duchess of Orleans, Versailles Etiquette (1704)
·Penalties for seditious words
·Festival books: Journey of Margaret of Austria through Italy to marry Philip III (1598); Entries of Charles IX and Elisabeth into Paris (1571): The Marriage of Charles I and Henrietta Maria (1625)

·Joris Hoefnagel, Map of Amersfoort, Netherlands (1588)
·Map of the Old Swiss Confederation
·Death warrant for Charles I
·William Hogarth, The Idle Prentice executed at Tyburn (1747)
·Robert Kett's Oak, where the rebels gathered in 1549
·Town hall and civic procession in Augsburg (by Joerg Breu, c. 1525)

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