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 We provide language learning opportunities for undergraduate and postgraduate students, University staff, and members of the public. There are several ways you can learn languages with us. You can take a language as part of your degree, as an extra course of study, through a language proficiency test or by taking a shorter summer course.


Academic modules

If you want to take a language as part of your degree, our academic modules are most suited to your needs. Enrolment for these courses commences on the 7th, 8th and 9th of October in the Language Centre – you must attend on one of these days to enrol for our courses.

Please make sure you check with your department that you can take a module with us as part of your degree. If this is not allowed, you are still more than welcome to take an academic module with us. This is also the case if you are not an undergraduate student (please see the course fees).

Lifelong language learning

If you are looking for something a little more relaxed, our Lifelong Language Learning (LLL) programme may be for you!

Classes are not as intense as academic modules and are taken by students, staff and members of the public.

LLL Enrolment will open from 13:00 on Wednesday 9th September and will close at 12:00 on Friday 16th October

Please note that decisions on which classes will run in 2015-16 will be made on Friday 9th October, and only enrolments for viable classes will be taken past this time

Students will be emailed on Saturday 10th October to confirm whether or not their chosen class will run in 2015-16

Current students

Supporting your language learning with us:

Prospective students

Thinking of studying a language?

Watch more videos of our students talking about their experiences and opinions of The Language Centre.