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Lifelong Language Learning (LLL)

Enrolment for 2016/17 LLL courses is now closed!!

We offer a wide range of foreign language courses that take you from beginner to beyond advanced level. All of our courses are taught by communicative methods involving active learning and useful language skills. LLL courses are open to Warwick students, staff and members of the public.

Choose from the languages below and find the course that's right for you.

University staff members can use Warwick Learning Account (WLA) vouchers as payment for our courses, but will need to contact the Centre for Lifelong Learning (CLL) beforehand to obtain the voucher numbers. (More information on the WLA scheme can be found on their website.)


Please note that decisions on which classes will run in 2016-17 will be made on Friday 7th October, and only enrolments for viable classes will be taken past this time

Students will be emailed on Saturday 8th October to confirm whether or not their chosen class will run in 2016-17

Important dates for LLL enrolment and teaching:

Online Enrolments Thursday 15 September 2016 - Friday 14 October 2016

Level Diagnosis

Tuesday 4 October 4pm - 7pm – Arabic, French, German and Greek
Wednesday 5 October 4pm - 7pm – Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Russian and Spanish
Consultation Evenings Wednesday 14 September 5pm - 7pm – French, German and Spanish
Thursday 15 September 5pm - 7pm – French, Russian and Spanish

Tuesday 20 September 5pm - 7pm – French, German, Italian and Spanish

For other languages such as Arabic, Chinese, Greek, Japanese and Portuguese please email

Autumn Term teaching Monday 10 October 2016 – Friday 9 December 2016
Spring Term teaching* Monday 9 January 2017 – Friday 17 March 2017

*Please note that the LLL structure consists of 19 2-hour classes during the autumn and spring terms. We may offer continuation courses in the Summer term; for more information on these courses, please click here.