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MAIPR Application: what we need from you!

To back-up your MAIPR programme application, you must provide the following support material


  • An 'Academic interests and purpose of study' (otherwise known as a Statement of Intent): the most important part of your application. This is where you get to tell us, in up to 500 words, why you have chosen the MAIPR and why you think you're a great candidate. You can include it as part of your on-line application in the space provided (in the 'Supporting Information' box on page 3), upload it separately, or send it with the other supporting documentation. Make sure your statement is as strong as possible and that it is aimed at the MAIPR itself.
  • Two letters of recommendation: these are crucial as they give us an indication of your capabilities from people who know you and your work. Ask your referees to write their references specifically for the MAIPR programme and make sure they produce them in plenty of time to meet the application deadlines.

There are two ways references can be submitted:

Online: if you provide a valid email address for each referee, Warwick's Postgraduate (PG) Admissions will send them an email message, requesting them to submit their references online. This avoids them getting lost in the post. Advise your referees to look out for an email from - tell them to check their spam boxes or junk mail as the email may get filtered there.

By post: each reference must be produced on official-headed paper (never on blank paper) and signed with an original signature in ink by the referee. If your referees use this method, please make sure they send them in plenty of time so that they arrive by the appropriate deadline.

We prefer that both references are from an academic institution and relate to your under- or postgraduate studies. However, we understand some applicants may find this difficult, particularly those of you who have been working for some time. Under such circumstances, we will accept one non-academic reference that relates to practical experiences, as long as it is MAIPR appropriate. Again, such references must be submitted as above. However, if a referee works free-lance, please ask him or her to submit the reference online.

PLEASE NOTE: If your referees choose not to use the online submissions system but supply them to you in unsealed envelopes, we strongly recommend that you upload a copy via the document upload system when you apply or as soon as possible afterwards by the appropriate deadline (PG Admissions can advise you on how to do this). However, if the references are in sealed envelopes, you must get permission from your referees before opening them for uploading.

IMPORTANT: If you apply near to a deadline, you or your referees should email copies of the original references to The originals must then need to be sent to PG Admissions to make any offer of a place firm and unconditional.

REMEMBER: it is your responsibility to ensure that both your referees have enough time to allow them to produce then send in their references to meet the MAIPR deadlines.

  • Certified and, if necessary, translated degree transcripts into English and explanation of grading system: the normal minimum requirement for the MAIPR is an upper second class UK honours (also known as a 2.1) degree at undergraduate level or equivalent. These must be originals, or officially certified copies (including the translations). Translations into English must be done by your university or an officially recognised translation service. If you have not yet finished your studies, please provide us with your interim grades as this will give the MAIPR course selectors a good idea of your potential.
  • English Language requirement for non-native English speakers: you will need to demonstrate that you have a sufficient level of English to study on the MAIPR. Please go to English Language Requirement for information on what is required.
  • Photocopy of passport: all applicants must provide a copy of the ID pages of their current passport. If you do not yet have a passport, you should obtain one as soon as possible. You should upload your passport to the application pages and also email a copy to
  • In addition, and only if relevant, a statement about any exceptional circumstances that may/will affect your participation on the MAIPR: these could include known or predicted periods of absence from the programme. Include these in the uploaded portion with your Statement of Intent.

If you are offered a place on the MAIPR programme, it will be conditional until you send the originals of all your support documentation to:

Postgraduate Team 2
The Postgraduate Admissions Team
Student Admissions and Recruitment Office
The University of Warwick
We strongly recommend that you send in the originals as soon as possible after any offer of a place, as visa applications for the UK require you to have an unconditional offer on the MAIPR programme.
NOTE: Unless it is related to a disability, such as visual impairment or restricted mobility, do not send in materials on CDs or DVDs as it is difficult for the members of the consortium to access such materials. Also, do not send in full dissertations or similar long pieces of academic work, as the MAIPR selection committee will have difficulty finding the time to read them.
I have included the following documents with my emailed application:

Academic interests and purpose of study
Two letters of reference
Certified explanation of national grading system
Certified copy of highest university degree (translated into English, if necessary)
Certified transcripts (translated into English, if necessary)
English Language certificate (if required)
Clear copy of passport
For general information email:


For general information, email