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Warwick alumnus Tom Fowler has a play at the prestigious Royal Court theatre


Warwick alumnus Tom Fowler has a play, entitled Katzemusik,at the prestigious Royal Court theatre. He is also a member of the Youth Board creative team there.

Find out more about the project here:

Tue 01 August 2017, 14:09 | Tags: alumni

Prof. Nadine Holdsworth features in podcast on Theatre and Brexit


Prof. Nadine Holdsworth took part in a podcast on Theatre and Brexit, with Chris Megson and Dan Rebellato.

Listen to the podcast here:

Thu 20 July 2017, 14:06 | Tags: staff, Prof. Nadine Holdsworth, press, media, impact

Prof Jim Davis wins the TaPRA David Bradby Award for Research in International Theatre and Performance


The Department is delighted to announce that Prof. Jim Davis has won The David Bradby TaPRA Award for Research in International Theatre and Performance 2017 for Comic Acting and Portraiture in Late-Georgian and Regency England (Cambridge University Press, 2015).

From TaPRA: 'The judges felt that the book moved adroitly across concept, example (actor), and exemplification (illustration) to account for the reciprocity of interest, nomenclature, and patronage between Georgian-era performers and painters. Without a shred of pedantry readers are coached in the criteria by which to understand what it means for a painter to capture something “inherently theatrical” about a specific character yet also incorporate the accumulation of a performer’s reputation and the epitome of their unique technique.'

Find out more about the awards and the other winners here:

Mon 26 June 2017, 08:27 | Tags: staff, publications, press, Research, impact, Prof. Jim Davis, Comic Acting

Cultures of the Left: Manifestations and Performances Colloquium hosted at Warwick


Cultures of the Left: Manifestations and Performances

Colloquium June 5th and 6th 

(Supported by British Academy and Connecting Cultures GRP

On the anniversary of the October Revolution, questions of the Left have been re-emerging as timely and urgent. This colloquium explores how to live and do Leftist politics in response to injustices of our own time.


After workshops at Warwick (UK) and JNU (India) earlier this year, British Academy Partnership project Cultures of the Left: Manifestations and Performances gathers again for a series of talks and discussions, asking: How can the cultural and ethical legacy of the Left inspire political resistance under neoliberalism? How does cultural Left imagine and perform new ways of doing Left politics to integrate a range of issues (i.e. immigration, nationalism, gender, etc.)? Can performances and manifestations of the cultural Left be explored as means of rethinking the structure of Leftist political organisation and mobilisation in a global context?



Dr Ameet Parasvaram (JNU) & Dr Igor Štiks (University of Edinburgh):



Prof. Elaine Aston (Theatre, Lancaster University)

Prof. Samik Bandyopadhyay (Theatre, JNU)

Dr Anna Hájková (History, Warwick)

Dr Brahm Prakash (Theatre and Performance, JNU)

Prof. Andy Lavender (Theatre & Performance Studies, Warwick)

Prof. Janelle Reinelt (Theatre & Performance Studies, Warwick)

Prof. Anupama Roy (Centre for Political Studies, JNU)

Dr Mallarika Sinha Roy (Women Studies, JNU)

Dr Illan Rua Wall (Law, Warwick)


Tue 06 June 2017, 17:32 | Tags: staff, research seminar, Research

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