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Centre for Complexity Science

Connecting systems, science and society through:

  • a ground-breaking interdisciplinary research centre pushing the boundaries of knowledge in complexity science;
  • a new generation of scientists trained by the doctoral training centre;
  • the knowledge to understand, control and design complex systems;
  • break-throughs in new applications of complexity science;
  • the solutions to real-world problems with relevant end-user testing;
  • a lively intellectual and practically based environment for complexity science.

PhD GraduatesComplexity News

Wed 27 Jul '16
Complexity Summer Graduation

Graduating PhD students travelled back to Warwick from Hong Kong, the USA and the local area to participate in their graduation ceremony last week. We congratulate Dr Tom Machon, Dr Ben Collyer, Dr Adam Miller and Dr Yu-Xi Chau on their achievement. All four have started work either as postdocs or in the commercial sector (for full details see here) and we wish them well. Yuping (Iris) Ren graduated from the Erasmus Mundus Masters in Complex Systems Science and is now a PhD student working on music informatics and modelling at the University of Rochester, NY where she has won several awards and funding.

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Open Days: 7th December 2016, 1st February 2017, and 15th March 2017

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