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Workshop on noise and imprecision in individual and interactive decision-making

It is now widely recognised that decision-making is an intrinsically noisy process. When decision-makers face exactly the same decision problem under the same controlled conditions in the lab, a sizeable proportion of them fail to make the same decision, even in the absence of any feedback. This applies equally to individual and interactive decision-making. Since most decision theories are deterministic, in order to give them an empirical content and relate them to laboratory data, this variability must be adequately modelled.

The aim of this workshop is to stimulate an open-minded and constructive discussion of the issues of noise and imprecision in individual and interactive decision making, review the state of the art, consider the strengths and limitations of the different approaches and identify future research priorities.

This event is sponsored by the UK Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) and the University of Warwick Global Priorities Programme (GPP).

The workshop booklet can be downloaded here.