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Midplus homepage imageMidPlus is a collaborative partnership between four of the UKs leading universities: the University of Warwick, Queen Mary University London, the University of Birmingham and the University of Nottingham.

The partnership brings together academic expertise and leading-edge facilities for computing capability and capacity, with an aim to facilitate the rapid realisation of modern computational research methods for business and industry.

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Research applications

The research base within the four institutions has over many years added value to many different market sectors and industries including Science and Engineering, Economics, Geography, Social sciences and the Arts.

See our A-Z Glossary of where our research has been applied.

Artificial Intelligence

One example of a collaborative research project MidPlus have been involved with is the creation of algorithms for intelligent systems, knowledge management, wide area networking, peer-to-peer computing and adaptive communication systems.


Computing Matters workshop
January 23rd 2015 Scarman Conference Centre - Meeting Room 10

MidPlus One-Day Workshop - Background and Purpose

The MidPlus centre of Excellence has been formed to enable business to connect with academics. As businesses are faced with operating in a tough economic landscape, they need to get the advantage over others. These idea’s take planning and time to market with limited resources. If a business can run a more detailed analysis on a potential product, doing this on a HPC platform would lead to a better designed product, as this would take far too long on a conventional computer. This is where the MidPlus centre of excellence can help turn your ideas into viable products or enhancing your portfolio.

The themes of the meeting will be around

  • Active Matter – Life Sciences
  • Passive Matter – Materials Sciences
  • Virtual Matter – High performance computing, allowing prototyping through Scale, Volume and Data

Speakers from academia will talk around these themes and how they are able to utilise the resources to overcome these challenges. Speakers from industry will talk about real challenges faced by businesses, so a focus on methods and results they have generated for actual case studies or research.


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