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Warwick Q-Step Centre

Our Aims

The Warwick Q-Step Centre has been established to host the Q-Step programme at the University of Warwick. Its aim is to deliver a step-change in quantitative skills within one of the strongest UK and global Social Science Faculties.


  • Contributing to the step-change required to address the UK’s national ‘deficit’ in quantitative methods
  • Delivering new degrees at the forefront of international research and teaching in cutting edge quantitative methods
  • Preparing students to work in ways that help them to understand, participate and intervene in today’s data-driven digital society
  • Positioning Warwick globally as one of the leading universities of the digital age.

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New Warwick Q-Step Centre Website Launching Friday 26 August

The Warwick Q-Step Centre launches its new website on Friday 26 September 2016.

The current website will be migrated over to the new location on this date. Please note that any links to the old website may no longer work when the migration is complete.

Please contact Warwick Q-Step Centre if you have any questions about the new website: 

Latest research by Warwick Q-Step Centre Professor on the bullying experiences of disabled children and young people in England

Stella Chatzitheochari, Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology and Warwick Q-Step Centre, has conducted important research in collaboration with Sam Parsons (IOE) and Lucinda Platt (LSE) on the bullying experiences of disabled children and young people in England.

The Faculty of Social Sciences and Warwick Q-Step Centre Co-host Big Data Network Forum Lunch

On Wednesday 1 June, the Faculty of Social Sciences and the Warwick Q-Step Centre co-hosted the Big Data Network Forum Lunch. This was an excellent opportunity for big data researchers at the University of Warwick to engage with other colleagues working in big data research, to explore possibilities for collaborative links and to share ideas.