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XMaS: The UK Materials Science Facility at the ESRF

qXMaS Synchrotron Facility

XMaS is an EPSRC funded mid-range facility supporting the UK materials science communities. It provides free at the point of access to synchrotron radiation at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility in Grenoble. A wide range of sample environments allow a diverse set of experiments to be performed using energies in the 2.4 to 15 keV range. Additional facilities exploiting these sample environments are possible using our laboratory spaces which include a new micro source x-ray facility.

Techniques Available

A wide range of x-ray techniques are available making use of white beam and monochromatic energies in the range of 2.4 to 15 keV:

Offline Facilities

X-ray Source

A Cu micro-source is available for use with most of the sample environments used on the main beamline

Laboratory Space

Electrical and magnetic characaterisation of samples


XMaS Scientist Experience 2017

The competition is now live!- visit the XMaS Scientist Experience 2017 page for more information and to download your entry form.

XMaS Scientist Experience

This years winners of the XMaS Scientist Experience will be going to the ESRF on Monday, 4th July.

You can get updates of what the girls are doing on the trip by following @XMaSSchoolTrip on Twitter

XMaS is a mid-range facility funded by the UK EPSRC and managed by the Univerisites of Warwick and Liverpool: