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XMaS Scientist Experience

XMaS Scientist Experience 2017

The competition is now live for the XMaS Scientist Experience 2017! The deadline for competition entries is 8th February 2017- Good luck!

K Lonsdale

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XMaS Scientist Experience 2017

Our winners are now back from Grenoble, where they were able to enjoy the XMaS Scientist Experience and the sunshine! Their feedback on the trip is very positive.

'Thank you so much for taking me on the trip it was amazing and I learnt so much!' Jasmine

'I found the whole experience invaluable, I learnt so much more physics than I would in probably a week's worth of lessons (or maybe more than that😅). I also admire how everyone became friends so easily- this was the first group of people I've met that share similar interests to me. I even found out that someone else is going to the same summer school as me so I'm less worried for that 😊.' Laura S.

XMaS Scientist Experience 2017

The competition is now live!- visit the XMaS Scientist Experience 2017 page for more information and to download your entry form.


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