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Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care West Midlands

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NIHR CLAHRC West Midlands is a five-year initiative funded by the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) and matched funds provided by local health and social services. The initiative builds on the successful CLAHRC for Birmingham and Black Country pilot with a mission to create lasting and effective partnerships across health and social care organisations, universities (Birmingham, Keele and Warwick) to improve the services we can deliver for patient benefit. For more information about us, download our launch document and current list of projects.

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CLAHRC WM publishes a fortnightly blog combining news and thought-provoking, enlightening blog posts from our Director and Co-Directors.

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Take Part

We aim to involve patients and the public in all our research activities.


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Tue 03 Nov '15
World Research Making a Difference

In case any readers have yet to see this, we urge you to read the recent NIHR CLAHRC document "World Research Making a Difference", which demonstrates the impact of the applied health research activity undertaken by the national CLAHRC initiatives. Feedback from the NIHR/DH has been extremely positive, and it has been well received globally, with encouraging feedback from academics as far afield as Australia.

Editorial on TRaCKED Study

Work by CLAHRC WM researchers on test result communication in primary care has been the focus of a recent editorial in the BMJ Quality and Safety. This is the second editorial on their work – the previous one can also be found online.

Do Robots Feature in the Future of Medicine?

CLAHRC WM Director Richard Lilford was recently interviewed by The Telegraph on the future of medicine and the role of artificial intelligence in medicine. It can be viewed online here.


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