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Warwick Evidence

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Warwick Evidence undertakes reviews and evidence synthesis on the clinical and costeffectiveness of health care interventions for the NIHR Health Technology Assessment Programme on behalf of a range of policy makers, including the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE). It is one of nine Technology Assessment Report Teams in the UK.
The aim of Warwick Evidence is support improvements in health, either directly by facilitating the prompt introduction of new treatments that are clinically effective and cost-effective, or indirectly by inhibiting the introduction of new treatments that are not cost-effective, thereby enabling scarce funds to be spent more effectively.
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We like working here because we share our commitment to


- Thorough Research and

- High Quality Outputs


What we do really well is
- Keeping to tight deadlines
- Working in teams, maintaining good relationships and sharing information
- Having the different roles in our teams working closely together
- Supporting each other and getting the best support for training and development.

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Warwick Evidence
Division of Health Sciences, Warwick Medical School
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