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University receives multi-million pound grants to improve health of the world’s poorest people

Wed 19 July 2017, 09:41 | Tags: WCTU WPC HealthSciences HS_PET HS_MHWB HS_STATS

SAPC 47th Annual Scientific Meeting - Pioneering Change

Warwick Medical School were delighted to host the annual Society for Academic Primary Care conference on the 12th, 13th and 14th July in the Ramphal Building.

Tue 18 July 2017, 11:22 | Tags: WPC HS_SSSH

WMS receives multi-million pound grants to improve health of the world’s poorest people

Warwick Medical School is to receive more than £7 million to find better ways of delivering healthcare to some of the world’s poorest people.

Mon 17 July 2017, 10:19 | Tags: news

Digital communication improves young patient engagement, according to new study

Using texts, emails, Skype and other digital communication methods can improve the health care experience of younger patients.

Fri 07 July 2017, 09:54 | Tags: news

New research into antibiotic treatment for killer sepsis

WMS expertise is contributing to a world-first £1.5million study aiming to tackle one of the biggest public health threats we face – antibiotic resistance.

Tue 27 June 2017, 11:38 | Tags: news

WMS nursing professor helps launch international database aimed at reducing hair loss for chemotherapy patients

Professor Annie Young is one of six globally-recognised cancer care experts launching a new database aimed at reducing hair loss in chemotherapy patients.

Tue 27 June 2017, 11:36 | Tags: news

Peer-led self-management programmes may not help teenagers with asthma

A study by Warwick Medical School suggests peer-led self-management programmes have little impact on the quality of life or lung function of adolescents with asthma.

Wed 14 June 2017, 15:07 | Tags: news

Research finds care home design isn’t depressing – providing you can actually get outside

New research by Warwick Medical School has found that although the physical environment alone in a nursing home is unlikely to negatively affect the mood of residents, poor access to gardens and outdoor spaces could.

Tue 13 June 2017, 12:46 | Tags: news

Congratulations : Sarah Stewart-Brown

Congratulations to Professor Sarah Stewart-Brown, who has been featured in the Medical Women’s Federation's list of the ‘80 brightest and most respected female doctors in the UK’.

Mon 05 June 2017, 10:15 | Tags: HealthSciences HS_MHWB HS_STATS

Biomedical Research Unit in Reproductive Health wins Research Team Award

Congratulations to our team in the Biomedical Research Unit in Reproductive Health, who won the Research Team Award at the University of Warwick's staff awards on 12 May.

Mon 15 May 2017, 09:49 | Tags: news

Research into tumour cells begins at WMS

Warwick Medical School has started research to understand the cause of brain tumours.

A team of our researchers will study brain tumour cells in the lab to understand more about the cell division process, and how it can cause cancer when it goes wrong.

Tue 02 May 2017, 16:28 | Tags: news

Cancer Research Centre open evening highlights importance of digital pathology

Our Cancer Research Centre welcomed around 50 members of the public, staff and students to its open event last night, 26 April, for an evening focused on how digital pathology is making grading of cancer faster and more accurate.

Thu 27 April 2017, 10:25 | Tags: news

Bullies and their victims more likely to want plastic surgery

Professor Dieter Wolke from the Department of Psychology and colleagues at Warwick Medical School have discovered that teenagers who are affected by bullying in any way have a greater desire than others to change their bodies by going under the knife.

Thu 27 April 2017, 09:18 | Tags: news

WMS students present at regional ASME conference

Earlier this month a group of faculty and students from WMS attended the regional Association for the Study of Medical Education (ASME) conference and made a presentation on student initiatives. Student initiatives are seen as a real strength of our MB ChB programme, designed and delivered by students to support fellow students.

Wed 26 April 2017, 10:27 | Tags: news

Warwick develops breast cancer pain prediction tool

A researcher from Warwick Medical School is one of a European team who have developed an online tool and an app for predicting the chance of women developing persistent pain after breast cancer surgery.

Mon 24 April 2017, 10:02 | Tags: news WCTU

Warwick polymers in NASA-funded launch to high altitude

Anti-freeze polymers designed by the University of Warwick have been launched into high altitude as part of a successful NASA-funded project in the USA.

Tue 11 April 2017, 13:10 | Tags: news

Warwick antifreeze proteins to be sent to space

Antifreeze proteins developed by Dr Matt Gibson (a professor in the Department of Chemistry and WMS) are to be sent to the edge of space tomorrow, Saturday 8 April.

Fri 07 April 2017, 13:34 | Tags: news

Reducing patient reliance on opioids

Dr Harbinder Sandhu talks about the WCTU's I-WOTCH study, looking at reducing patients' use of opioids - strong pain relief medication.
Mon 03 April 2017, 16:20 | Tags: news WCTU

Professor Paul Thornalley of WMS welcomes PHE sugar limits

Professor Paul Thornalley comments on Public Health England's new sugar limits set in a bid to make UK children more healthy.

Fri 31 March 2017, 09:58 | Tags: news

Desk jobs are bad for your heart and your waist

A new study led by Dr William Tigbe at WMS shows further evidence for the view that spending too much time sitting down is bad for our health and our waistline.

Thu 09 March 2017, 13:34 | Tags: news

Physios need to shape fragility fracture research

Researchers at WMS have opened a window of opportunity for physiotherapists to influence future investigations into fragility fractures in people over 60.

Thu 16 February 2017, 10:05 | Tags: news WCTU

New Professor of Primary Care

We are delighted to announce that Dr. Paramjit Gill will be joining the Warwick Primary Care team on March 1st as Professor of Primary Care. Read more...

Wed 15 February 2017, 08:58 | Tags: WPC

Removal of ovaries during hysterectomy linked to increase in heart disease, cancer and premature death

A study led by WMS has found a link between the removal of ovaries during hysterectomy and an increase in heart disease, cancer and premature death.

Tue 07 February 2017, 11:42 | Tags: news

WMS Dean made Non Exec Director on the Board of NHS Digital

Professor Sudhesh Kumar, Dean of WMS, has been made a Non Exec Director on the Board of NHS Digital.

Fri 20 January 2017, 14:52 | Tags: news

£750,000 awarded to UHCW to support research along with prestigious ‘Clinical Research Facility’ status

UHCW NHS Trust has been awarded prestigious ‘Clinical Research Facility’ status by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR), with the NIHR providing £750,000 over the next five years to support research.

Thu 19 January 2017, 15:39 | Tags: HealthConnexus

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