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Sports Knee

Sports Knee Seminar 2015

Bespoke Knee Surgery

The conference will debate the innovative and controversial areas in sports knee surgery providing up-to-date information for the surgeon to optimise decision making.

Conference Convenors

Damian Griffin
Warwick Orthopaedics
Tim Spalding
University Hospital, Coventry
Pete Thompson
University Hospital, Coventry

Sports Knee Conferences focus on the main current hot topics in knee surgery including Patello-femoral surgery, ACL surgery, The anterolateral ligament debate, PRP and biologics in the knee, Revision ACL surgery, Meniscal Transplant, Osteotomy and Articular Cartilage repair.


Sports Knee Conferences are aimed at Consultants with a special interest in knee surgery and assumes a current knowledge in the challenges facing the knee surgeon.

The Conferences feature a large number of International and European Faculty as well as key opinion leaders from the UK. They offer a wide range of concepts, ideas and results, ready for critical analysis by the delegates. Our Conferences reflect the importance of time for discussion. The meetings last two days and with a conference dinner in the evening, the faculty members are not allowed to escape from discussion with inquisitive delegates.

Sports Knee at the FA's Football Rehabilitation Centre

The venue for 2017 will be St George’s Park, the prestigious new Football Association rehabilitation centre near Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire. This is both a fantastic site for a conference with residential facilities and it also provides great inspiration for excellence — in keeping with the conference theme of understanding injury mechanics, getting surgical management correct, and preventing reinjury through excellent rehabilitation.

This exciting event is organised by Warwick Medical School.

For more details contact David Penford.


Next Conference

November 2017

Sessions for 2015

The 2015 meeting will include the following sessions with case discussions aimed at specialist knee surgeons.
  • Petri Sillanpaa (Finland) and Laurie Hiemstra (Canada) debating PFJ issues: one operation is enough or should we be performing combination surgery.
  • Martin Lind on arthroscopic trochleoplasty: could this be the way forward?
  • Konsei Shino (Japan) and Bertrand Sonnery Cottet (France) presenting concepts to improve results of ACL recontruction, building on the advances in recent years.
  • Alan Getgood, Andy Williams and Adrian Wilson discussing latest knowledge in controlling anterolateral rotation, with principles techniques and latest results.
  • Brian Cole (USA), Daniel Saris (Holland) and Elizaveta Kon (Italy) detailing the latest evidence and place for biologics in the knee, articular cartilage repair and meniscal transplantation.
  • Philipp Lobenhoffer (Germany) advancing the knowledge on osteotomy: complex solutions and getting out of jail.
  • Turlough O'Donnell (Ireland) and Leif Ryd (Sweden) focusing on the current and future place for focal metal resurfacing using the hemicap and episeal implants.
  • Focused panel discussion on the future directions of articular cartilage repair in UK.
  • Mastering Mensical Root repair and the RAMP lesion, from Bertrand Sonnery Cottet, James Robinson (UK), Andy Williams (UK) and Rainer Siebold (Germany).
  • The key lecture before the monday conference highlight dinner is from Brian Goodman, Director of private services for WPA.