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Professor Janet Dunn

Janet Dunn


Professor of Clinical Trials and Deputy Director WMS Clinical Trials Unit


Clinical Trials Unit
Room T1.02
Warwick Clinical Trials Unit
The University of Warwick
Gibbett Hill Campus
Tel: 75847



Professor Janet Dunn is the Deputy Director of Warwick Clinical Trials Unit (CTU) at Warwick Medical School, University of Warwick. She has over 25 years clinical trials experience. She qualified with a BSc (2i) in Mathematical Sciences in 1987, an MSc in Applied Statistics in 1989 from Manchester and gained a PhD in Medicine in 2004 from Birmingham. She started as a junior statistician in 1988 at the Cancer Research UK Clinical Trials Unit, University of Birmingham, working up to Deputy Director and then Assistant Director responsible for over 25 phase III multi-centre randomised clinical trials. She was instrumental in establishing Birmingham as one of the initial 6 national accredited cancer clinical trials units. In 2003 she was awarded a USA National Cancer Institute fellowship which involved a 6 month sabbatical at Washington DC assessing smoking as a risk factor for pancreatic cancer. She is involved in National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI) breast, colorectal, pancreatic, myeloma, melanoma, and head & neck cancer trials and is currently on the NCRI breast cancer clinical studies group. In January 2006 she was appointed as Professor of Clinical Trials at Warwick and was instrumental in establishing cancer trials. Warwick CTU gained full UKCRN registration in 2008 and moved into their new building in 2009 having secured money from Advantage West Midlands Science City and the Wolfson Foundation. Her research interests include the evaluation of prognostic and predictive factors in cancer clinical trials, and designing clinical trials to impact on clinical practice. The establishment of the National Cancer Research Network and the continued funding from Cancer Research UK has resulted in the completion of many successful UK academic trials which have challenged and changed clinical practice. In 2008 Professor Dunn was awarded National Institute of Health Research Senior Investigator status being one of the inaugural cohort of investigators contributing to applied patient centered research. She has been successful in attracting NIHR National Coordinating Centre for Health Technology Assessment (NCCHTA) grants totallling £6 million for cancer trials at Warwick.


  • Co-Sponsorship: Mammo 50, Funded by: University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust, Project Start Date: 29/07/2013 Project End Date: 28/07/2022
  • Mammographic surveillance in breast cancer patients aged 50 years or older, with Miss Helen Higgins - Clinical Trials Unit Mrs Claire E Balmer - Clinical Trials Unit Dr Andrea Marshall - Clinical Trials Unit, Funded by: National Institute for Health Research (DoH), Project Start Date: 01/03/2013 Project End Date: 28/02/2022
  • ARTemis: Avastin randomised trial with nEo-adjuvant cheMotherapy for patinets with early breat cancer : Analysis Extension, with Mr Adrian Willis - Clinical Trials Unit Dr Louise Hiller - Clinical Trials Unit, Funded by: University of Cambridge, Project Start Date: 01/07/2011 Project End Date: 31/12/2018
  • Support for WMS Clinical Trials Unit Facility, Funded by: Wolfson Foundation, Project Start Date: 01/07/2007 Project End Date: 30/06/2017
  • Deescalate trial, with MR Henry Adjei - Health Sciences Research Institute - - - Mr Christopher C McConkey - Health Sciences Research Institute, Funded by: Cancer Research UK, Project Start Date: 01/03/2011 Project End Date: 28/02/2017
  • Technology Assessment programme for Research linked to Mammo50 trail support, with -, Funded by: University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust, Project Start Date: 01/01/2014 Project End Date: 31/12/2016
  • CRUK funded via Cambridge: AVAST-M - Extension, with Dr Andrea Marshall - Health Sciences Research Institute, Funded by: University of Cambridge, Project Start Date: 01/08/2010 Project End Date: 31/07/2016
  • AVAST-M extension - Avastin in advanced melanoma cancer patients. NCRI melanoma clinical studies group trial, Funded by: CRUK, Project Start Date: 01/06/2010 Project End Date: 31/05/2016

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  • Molyneux E, Merrick B, Khanim FL, Banda K, Dunn JA, Iqbal G, Bunce CM, Drayson MT. (2014) 'Bezafibrate and medroxyprogesterone acetate in resistant and relapsed endemic Burkitt lymphoma in Malawi; an open-label, single-arm, phase 2 study (ISRTCN34303497).' British Journal Of Haematology 164 888 - 890
  • Ford HE, Marshall A, Bridgewater JA, Janowitz T, Coxon FY, Wadsley J, Manoor W, Fyfe D, Madhusudan S, Middleton GW, Swinson D, Falk S, Chau I, Cunningham D, Kareclas P, Cook N, Blazeby JM, Dunn JA; COUGAR-02 Investigators. (2014) 'Docetaxel versus active symptom control for refactory oesophagogastric adenocarcinoma (COUGAR-02): an open-lable, phase 3 randomised controlled trial.' Lancet Oncology, The 15 (1), 76 - 86
  • Watson J, Marshall A, Dunn J, Stein RC, Stallard N (2014) 'Adaptive designs for clinical trials assessing biomarker-guided treatment strategies' British Journal Of Canadian Studies 110 1950 - 1957
  • Corrie P.G., Marshall A., Dunn J.A., Middleton M.R., Nathan P.D., Gore M., Davidson N., Nicholson S., Kelly C.G., Marples M., Danson S.J., Marshall E., Houston S.J., Board R.E., Waterston A.M., Nobes J.P., Harries M., Kumar S., Young G., Lorigan P.. (2014) 'Adjuvant bevacizumab in patients with melanoma at high risk of recurrence (AVAST-M): preplanned interim results from a multicentre, open-lable randomised controlled phase 3 study.' Lancet Oncology, The 15 (6), 620 - 630 [article]
  • Earl, Helena M, Vallier, Anne-Laure, Hiller, Louise, Fenwick, Nicola, Young, Jennie, Iddawela, Mahesh, Abraham, Jean, Hughes-Davies, Luke, Gounaris, Ioannis, McAdam, Karen et al.. (2014) 'Effects of the addition of gemcitabine, and paclitaxel-first sequencing, in neoadjuvant sequential epirubicin, cyclophosphamide, and paclitaxel for women with high-risk early breast cancer (Neo-tAnGo) : an open-label, 2×2 factorial randomised phase 3 trial.' Lancet Oncology, The 15 (2), 201 - 212 [article]

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