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Dr Julie Bruce



Principal Research Fellow


WMS - Warwick Clinical Trials Unit
University of Warwick
Tel: 02476 151128

Research Interests

Julie's main interests relate to surgical epidemiology and the measurement of postoperative adverse events. She is an epidemiologist and systematic reviewer with a particular interest in surgical outcomes and patient-reported outcomes, including chronic pain. She is currently grant holder on surgical trials and epidemiology studies, including a 15-year national Scottish cohort study to monitor outcomes after bariatric surgery, a programme development grant investigating pain & recovery after knee replacement surgery (with Bristol & Oxford Universities) and an international initiative to identify risk factors for chronic pain after surgery (Canada/Denmark/Netherlands).


Julie graduated from the University of Aberdeen with a BSc Health Sciences and an MSc in Health Services & Public Health Research. She completed a PhD in Public Health in 2004. She was awarded an MRC Training Fellowship to investigate the measurement & monitoring of surgical outcomes (2005-2007). Whilst at Aberdeen, she worked as epidemiologist on studies investigating the healthcare associated infection in UK/Europe, systematic reviews and cohort studies investigating surgical infection and chronic pain. Her research focused upon identifying risk factors for chronic pain after surgery, including breast cancer, cardiac and ingunal hernia surgery. She is an Editor for the Cochrane Wounds Group. She is also co-author on Cochrane reviews registered with the Breast Cancer, Upper GI, Anesthesia & Bone, Joint & Muscle Trauma groups. Julie joined CTU in 2010 to work on rehabilitation and surgical trials. She is the research lead on a multicentre cluster-RCT aiming to prevent falls in older adults (Pre-FIT trial).

Research Projects

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Post Graduate Supervision

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