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Schools Outreach Programme @ Warwick Chemistry

What is Outreach?

Warwick Chemistry has an active outreach programme for both primary and secondary schools. Coordinated by our enthusiastic outreach officer Nick Barker, our academic staff, researchers and PhD students get involved in chemistry-based scientific activities with around 7000 young people each year.

We invite groups of school students to our department for days in the teaching laboratories, tours, tutorials and workshops and we are happy to visit schools to give lectures about some of the research going on here or to teach the fundamentals of the subject to younger students as part of a practical demonstration lecture.

Laboratory visits fully booked for 2016 / 17 academic year.

How much does it cost?

We do not currently charge for our outreach activities. However, it would be much appreciated if you could make a small voluntary contribution of £3 per school pupil for practical laboratory based exercises and £25 for a demonstration lecture.

Very interested in being a scientist?

If you are a sixth form student who would like to see what life is like for a research scientist, you can contact Nick Barker. It may be possible to arrange a visit to the Department for you or even the opportunity for you to work alongside a real live chemist! Please be aware that places for this are very limited and book up a long time in advance.

If you would like to have more information about our range of practical activities and / or our school lectures please contact Nick Barker.

What age groups do we work with?

We work with school students aged from six to eighteen years old. The typical group sizes that visit the department are 30 for a day in the laboratories and 15 or fewer for workshops and tutorials. Lectures can be given to audiences of any size.

For Key Stage two pupils, we can provide a demonstration lecture (containing some quite loud bangs and flames!), put a professor in your lesson, or arrange a visit to the Chemistry Department (for up to 30 ten to eleven year olds). (See here for more info)

For Key Stage three and four students, we can offer the demonstration lecture, adapted for Year sevens or those who may find understanding the important concepts of chemistry more challenging.

There is also the research lecture, for more able Year 11s or sixth formers, as well as some practical laboratory work.

For sixth formers and teachers, we give technology tours, where pupils can see NMR, mass spectrometry, IR spectroscopy and more besides. We also offer academic tutorials and practical lab work.

Mr Nick Barker

Schools Outreach Programme

N dot M dot Barker at warwick dot ac dot uk

Phone: 024 7657 4449


Mrs Selina Kermode

RSC Programme Coordinator

S dot Kermode at warwick dot ac dot uk

Mobile: 07469 020722

Selina Kermode


Dr Elena Riva

'Do you know any bacteria?!' Primary School Outreach Project 

E dot Riva at warwick dot ac dot uk

Mobile: 07753 235861

E Riva Miss Marianne Costa

Schools Outreach

M dot Costa at warwick dot ac dot uk