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Prof. Rachel O'Reilly


Prof. Rachel K. O'Reilly

MA/MSc (Cambridge), PhD (London Imperial)





Research Summary

Design, synthesis and application of uniquely derived polymeric materials; where control over architecture, functionality and reactivity are central to their application in the field of nanotechnology. Interdisciplinary research bridging the interface between synthetic, polymer and catalysis chemistry, allowing for the development of materials that are of importance in medical, materials and nanoscience applications.

Selected Publications

Tuning the aggregation behaviour of pH responsive micelles by copolymerization, D. B. Wright, J. P. Patterson, A. Pitto-Barry, P. Cotanda, C. Chassenieux, O. Colombani, and R. K. O’Reilly, Polymer Chemistry, 2015, 6, 2761-2768.

Structural Reorganization of Cylindrical Nanoparticles Triggered by Polylactide Stereocomplexation, L. Sun, A. Pitto-Barry, N. Kirby, T. Schiller, A. Sanchez, M. Dyson, J. Sloan, N. Wilson, R.K. O'Reilly, and A.P. Dove, Nature Commun,
2014, 5, 6746.

Fluorescent and chemico-fluorescent responsive polymers from dithiomaleimide and dibromomaleimide functional monomers, M.P.Robin and R.K. O'Reilly, Chem.Sci., 2014, 5, 2717-2723.

Precision Polymers: A Kinetic Approach for Functional Poly(norbornenes), D. Moatsou, C.F. Hansell, R.K. O'Reilly, Chem. Sci, 2014, 5, 2246-2250.

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