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DST Publications (DST students in bold)

  • 2017 papers
  • E. J. D. Mahoney (cohort 1 Bristol), S. B. Truscott, M. N. R. Ashfold & Y. A. Mankelevich, J. Phys. Chem. A (2017) 121, 2760-2772, ‘Optical Emission from C2– Anions in Microwave-Activated CH4/H2 Plasmas for Chemical Vapor Deposition of Diamond’
  • D. Liu, D. Francis, F. Faili, C. Middleton (cohort 1 Bristol), J. Anaya, J. Pomeroy, D. Twitchen, M. Kuball, Scripta Materialia, (2017), 128, 57-60. “Impact of Diamond Seeding on the Microstructural Properties and Thermal Stability of GaN-on-Diamond Wafers for High-Power Electronic Devices”
  • 2016 papers
  • Y. Chen, P. Salter, S. Knauer, L. Weng, A. Frangeskou, C. Stephen, S. Ishmael (cohort 2 Oxford), P. Dolan, S. Johnson, B. Green, G. Morley, M. Newton, J. Rarity, M. Booth, J. Smith, Nature Photonics., (2016), 11, 77–80.“Laser writing of coherent colour centres in diamond”
  • Zoë J. Ayres,* Sam J. Cobb* (cohort 1 Warwick), Mark E. Newton, Julie V. Macpherson, Electrochem. Commun., (2016), 72, 59–63.
    “Quinone electrochemistry for the comparative assessment of sp2 surface content of boron doped diamond electrodes” (*joint first author)

DST News

Tue 30 May '17
Public Lecture: Diamonds are for Everything

Public Lecture: Diamonds are for Everything
Date: Monday 10th July, 2017
Venue: The Oculus (OC1.05)
Time: 7:30 pm

This is a free, ticketed event. Please register here for tickets.

PhD Studentships Available Now

For a September 2017 start we have only **THREE** remaining four year studentships leading to PhDs in Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, Materials or Life Sciences, listed here. If you are interested in joining a dynamic team involved in all aspects of Diamond Research then please click here to apply now. We will arrange for you to speak with project supervisors and guide you through the application process.

Tom Scott wins Leathersellers' Company Scholarship

Leathersellers' Company Scholarship, 2016-18

Sam Cobb wins Bright Spark Symposium Presentation Prize

Bright Spark Symposium Presentation Prize

“BDD diamond electrodes for electroanalytical applications”

Outreach Events

Diamonds are for Everything
Date: Monday 10th July, 2017
Venue: The Oculus (OC1.05), University of Warwick
Time: 7:30 pm


Previous Outreach Events:

Summer Science Exhibition

We were delighted to participate in the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition 2016. Our exhibit gave the public a unique opportunity to learn about the fascinating properties of diamond, as well as its diverse scientific applications.


The Diamond Science and Technology CDT team and Warwick Electrochemistry and Interfaces group took part in "Lates: the next big thing" at the Science Museum in London. Exhibits ranged from "Whodungit?" to "From Robot Ethics to Ethical Robots". We invited the public to discover why diamond is not just a gemstone...