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Bristol University

 80pxuniversityofbristol.gif Prof Paul May Chemistry Paul dot May at bristol dot ac dot uk
Prof Mike Ashfold Chemistry Mike dot Ashfold at bristol dot ac dot uk
Dr Neil Fox Chemistry Neil dot Fox at bristol dot ac dot uk
Prof Martin Kuball Physics Martin dot Kuball at bristol dot ac dot uk
Dr Simon Kohn Earth Sciences glsck at bristol dot ac dot uk
Prof Michael Walter Earth Sciences M dot J dot Walter at bristol dot ac dot uk

Cohort 1: PhD, Year 2

Ed Mahoney


PhD Title: Understanding the role of Nitrogen in Enhancing the Growth of CVD Diamond
PhD Supervisor: Prof. Mike Ashfold
Institution: University of Bristol

Chemical Dynamics and Molecular Spectroscopy,
Department of Chemistry,
University of Bristol

Tel: +44(0)117 33 1755

Callum Middleton


PhD Title: Diamond and Diamond-GaN Integration: Thermal Challenges
PhD Supervisor: Prof. Martin Kuball
Institution: University of Bristol

Materials and Devices for Energy and Communication,
Department of Physics,
University of Bristol

Cohort 2: PhD, Year 1

Jacob Wood


PhD Title: Hydrogen in natural diamonds: How much, how is it incorporated and what can it tell us about diamond growth environments?
PhD Supervisor: Dr. Simon Kohn
Institution: University of Bristol

Fabian Fogarty


PhD Title: Studies of the Thermionic and Field Emmision from Chemically Modified CVD Diamond
PhD Supervisor: Prof. Paul May
Institution: University of Bristol

Cohort 3: MSc Year

Max Williams

M. Williams

During my Chemical Physics undergraduate masters at Bristol, I discovered an interest in material and surface science, which I was able to develop further during physical chemistry and physics lectures in my third and forth years. My final year product was spent in the Bristol diamond group supervised by Paul May, where I found the theoretical and practical aspects to research in diamond science to be fun and interesting. I have been playing university Ultimate Frisbee for 4 years and I am looking forward to using the travelling opportunities the DST CDT gives me to be able to play Ultimate with many different teams (and study at the universities obviously), before returning to Bristol for my PhD.

PhD Title: Experimental and computational studies of CVD diamond growth
PhD Supervisor: Prof. Paul May
Institution: University of Bristol