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Newcastle University

 newcastle_master_colrgb.jpg Dr. Jonathan Goss Electrical and Electronic Engineering jonathan dot goss at newcastle dot ac dot uk
Prof Patrick Briddon Electrical and Electronic Engineering patrick dot briddon at ncl dot ac dot uk
Dr Alton Horsfall Electrical and Electronic Engineering alton dot horsfall at ncl dot ac dot uk
Prof Nick Wright Electrical and Electronic Engineering nick dot wright at ncl dot ac dot uk
Dr Lidija Siller Chemical Engineering and Advanced Materials lidija dot siller at ncl dot ac dot uk

Cohort 3: MSc Year

Claire Meara

C. Meara

I graduated in 2013 from Newcastle University with a 1st Class BSc in Natural Sciences; Mathematics and Physics. Since studying, I started careers in both finance and technology consultancy. I learned a lot from my enjoyed my time working, but realised I missed the subjects I loved studying whilst at University. My PhD project will be: Accurate Electronic Structure Calculations of Diamond: Quantum Dots and Defect Energies at Newcastle University. This programme seems like an amazing opportunity due to the range of subjects taught, strong industry links, and teaching from subject matter experts. I am keen to begin learning again and to take full advantage of the wide range of skills development on offer.

PhD Title: Accurate Electronic Structure Calculations of Diamond: Quantum Dots and Defect Energies
PhD Supervisor: Dr. Jon Goss
Institution: Newcastle University

Jovana Vukajlovic

J. Vukajlovic

Hi, my name is Jovana and I am 24. I come from Serbia. I finished both my undergraduate and master studies there. I specialized in Material Science-Ceramics Materials.

I am keen on sports. I also enjoy learning foreign languages.

PhD Title: Investigations of catalytic and optical behaviour of nanodiamond aerosols and thin aerosol films
PhD Supervisor:
Dr. Lidija Siller
Newcastle University