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Seminar programme - Fluid Dynamics Research Centre

NOTE: We run a seminar announcement service via email. If you would like to add your email address to our distribution list then please send a quick note to the Engineering Admin Office at the following email address:

Unless indicated otherwise all seminars are on
Wednesdays 4:15 pm in Room D202 (in the newly built extension), School of Engineering, with coffee served from 4 pm.

Spring Term 2017

January 18th: Prof. Christoph Bruecker (City University, London)
Wake Characteristics of Bluff Bodies and their Relevance for Fluid-Structure Interaction ( Abstract )

Feb 1st: Prof. Constantin-C. Coussios and Prof. Eleanor Stride (Institute of Biomedical Engineering, Oxford University)
Therapeutic Applications of Acoustic Cavitation ( Abstract )

February 8th: Dr. Mark Blyth (School of Mathematics, University of East Anglia)Solitary waves on a column of ferrofluid ( Abstract )

February 15th: Prof. Daniele Marchisio (Politecnico di Torino, Department of Applied Sciences and Technology)
Multiscale modelling of polydisperse multiphase flows: fluid-fluid dispersions, (soft) polymer systems and particles in porous media ( Abstract )

March 8th: Dr. Jeremy Phillips (School of Earth Sciences, Bristol)
Fluid Dynamics of Volcanic Ash Transport ( Abstract )

March 15th: Dr. Miad Yazdani (United Technologies Research Center)
Towards Numerical Simulation of Multiscale Thermo-Fluid Systems

Autumn Term 2016

October 26th: Prof. Andrew Hazel (School of Mathematics, Manchester)
Multiple solutions in free surface flows ( Abstract )

November 9th: Dr. Ubaid Ali Qadri (Department of Aeronautics, Imperial College, London)
Gradient-based methods in fluid mechanics: to ignition and beyond ( Abstract )

November 16th: Prof. Manuel Torrilhon (RWTH, Aachen)
Modelling of Non-Equilibrium Gas Flows Based on Moment Equations

November 23th: Prof. GertJan van Heijst (Department of Applied Physics, Technical University Eindhoven, The Netherlands)
The Draining Vortex in a Rotating Bathtub

This event will take place in rooms F105 & F106 (near main entrance, Foyer). Prof. van Heijst will present a short talk to precede a wine and snacks reception to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Fluid Dynamics Research Centre at Warwick. GertJan was one of the first seminar speakers in our seminar series twenty years ago and he is now the President of the European Mechanics Society (EUROMECH). When we realized that GertJan's current visit to Warwick coincides with our 20th Anniversary we decided that this would be a nice opportunity to arrange an event around the visit to give us the opportunity to look back and ahead.

December 7th: Prof. Serafim Kalliadasis (Imperial College, London)
From the nano- to the macroscale: bridging scales for the moving contact line problem ( Abstract )

Summer Term 2016

May 4th: Dr Andrew Lawrie (Faculty of Engineering, Bristol)

Rayleigh-Taylor Instability - A Century of Open Questions

May 25th: Prof. Yoshimichi Hagiwara (Kyoto Institute of Technology)
Changes in the drag and turbulence of flow over wavy walls, simulating deformed skins of dolphins

June 8th: Prof. Jonathan Reid (School of Chemistry, Bristol)
Dynamics of Picolitre Aerosol Droplets Studied using Single Particle Techniques

June 15th: Dr. Christopher Davies (Mathematics Institute, Cardiff)
Impulsively excited disturbances in non-uniform boundary layers ( Abstract )

June 22th: Dr. Dr Jeremy Phillips (School of Earth Sciences, Bristol)
Fluid Dynamics of Volcanic Ash Transport (SEMINAR POSTPONED) ( Abstract )

Spring Term 2016

January 13th: Prof. Peter Read (Department of Physics, Oxford)
Waves, turbulence and cascades in the laboratory and Jupiter's atmosphere ( Abstract )

January 27th: Prof. Mason Porter (Mathematical Institute, Oxford)
Disordered Granular Chains ( Abstract )

February 3rd: Dr. Yongyun Hwang (Department of Aeronautics, Imperial Colledge),
Self-sustaining process at large scale in wall-bounded turbulence ( Abstract )

February 10th: Dr. Rob Style (Mathematics Institute, Oxford),
How droplets sit and splash on soft surfaces ( Abstract )

February 26th: Dr. James Jewkes (Faculty of Computing, Engineering and Science, South Wales)
Turbulent jets: Numerical simulation of impinging jets, and vortex generating jets ( Abstract )

March 7th !! MONDAY, 13:00 !!: Dr. Ed Brambley (Waves & Solids Groups, DAMTP, and Gonville & Caius College, Cambridge)
Modelling Sound Absorption in Aircraft Engines ( Abstract )
Lunch available from 12:30

March 9th: Prof. Christoph Bruecker (City University, London),
Secrets learned from the peregrine falcon diving flight ( Abstract ) Postponed to next term

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