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Warwick Engineering Scholarships

We are delighted to offer up to ten scholarships worth £4,000 each for applicants to our undergraduate courses starting in 2015.

Future global challenges for engineering


As populations continue to grow, the demands on infrastructure, energy, water; medicines etc. increase. Engineers are expected to respond these challenges with innovative solutions and are increasingly reliant on multidisciplinary and international cooperation to achieve this. In the news recently has been an entrepreneurial 19 year old, who has designed a possible solution for cleaning up the world’s oceans. Further information on the Ocean Cleanup website.

How to apply

To apply for a Warwick Engineering Scholarship, answer the following in no more than 500 words:

As part of the next generation of engineers, choose one common global challenge and suggest some innovative ways in which you will tackle the problem.

Note: Further information can be found about global challenges by reading about research in the School of Engineering and WMG (Warwick Manufacuting Group), and also through the work of the Royal Academy of Engineering and the National Academy of Engineering.

Application Process

Before applying for the scholarship, candidates must have already applied to the University of Warwick, have received a valid offer from the School of Engineering and hold us as their first/firm choice.

Once you have your offer (an offer with conditions is acceptable) and have confirmed us as your first/firm choice, you can apply for the scholarship with your UCAS personal id number.

Submit your 500 word essay here.

Make sure you include your UCAS number and name in the file name and include these details again in the body of the essay.

If you do not yet hold an offer, you can apply via the UCAS website.

Terms and conditions
  1. The scholarships are open to overseas domicile applicants from Mainland China, South East Asia and South Asia regions who holds the School of Engineering at the University of Warwick as their firm/first choice
  2. There are ten scholarships available in total, available by region as follows: 2 x Mainland China, 4 x South Asia and 4 x South East Asia
  3. Each scholarship is valued at 4,000 GBP
  4. A winner of the Warwick Engineering Scholarship will not be eligible for one of our Merit scholarships, worth 1,000 GBP.
  5. The scholarship is awarded for the purposes of payment of non-EU Undergraduate fees
  6. Courses this scholarship applies to:
    • Automotive Engineering (H330, H335)
    • Civil Engineering (H200, H202)
    • Electronic Engineering (H610, H612)
    • Engineering Business Management (HN12)
    • General Engineering (H100, H102)
    • Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering (HH73, HH37)
    • Mechanical Engineering (H300, H302)
  7. Engineering Business Studies (H1N1) is excluded from the scholarship
  8. The scholarship will be paid in term two of study
  9. Your essay should be no longer than 500 words in length

  10. Essay should be submitted in PDF format
  11. The deadline for submission of your essay is Thursday 31 July 2015 at 11:59pm.