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Environmental Bioscience

Meeting the challenges of a dynamic planet

Theme Leads: Kevin Purdy and Joseph Christie-Oleza

Ecology and Evolution

Ecology and Evolution

Genetic diversity, adaptation and interactions between organisms and their environment
Robin Allaby, Charlotte Allender, Joseph Christie-Oleza, Rosemary Collier, Murray Grant, Matt Keeling, Andre Pires da Silva, Kevin Purdy, Dave Scanlan, Orkun Soyer, John Walsh, Liz Wellington

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Environmental Change

Environmental Change

Survival and adaptation in response to change
Gary Bending, Isabelle Carre, Joseph Christie-Oleza, Rosemary Collier, Bill Finch-Savage, Miriam Gifford, Rob Lillywhite, Kevin Purdy, Hendrik Schäfer, Brian Thomas, Liz Wellington

Environmental Microbiology

Environmental Microbiology

Understanding how microbes exploit marine and terrestrial environments
Gary Bending, Isabelle Carre, Yin Chen, Joseph Christie-Oleza, John Clarkson, Orin Courtenay, Laura Green, Kevin Purdy, Antonia Sagona, Dave Scanlan, Hendrik Schäfer, Patrick Schäfer, Orkun Soyer, Liz Wellington

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Thu 06 Jul '17
Bacteria collaborate to propel the ocean ‘engine’

Essential microbiological interactions that keep our oceans stable have been fully revealed for the first time, by researchers at the Univer…


Fri 21 Jul '17
Robin Allaby publications

Uncovering the dispersion history, adaptive evolution and selection of wheat in China  

Zhou Y, Chen Z, Cheng M, Chen J, Zhu T, Wang…