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Courses - Mathematics Undergraduate Admissions

Our Degree Courses

The Mathematics Department offers five degree courses.

Mathematics BSc (UCAS code G100)

This is our popular 3-year degree course in Mathematics. Its flexible structure makes it easy to study a wide range of subjects and to transfer to the other degree courses in Mathematics.

Master of Mathmatics (MMath) (UCAS code G103)
This 4-year degree course is the natural route for students contemplating a mathematical career, or wishing to go deeper into the subject than is possible in the three year degree. The extra year consists of advanced courses, plus a project which gives students a taste of research in mathematics.

Mathematics and Business Studies BSc (UCAS code G1NC)
The first two years of this degree are in common the Mathematics BSc degree. Students progress to a final year in the Warwick Business School provided certain 2nd-year targets are met.

Mathematics and Economics BSc (UCAS code GL11)
This course provides a training in modern economics for students with mathematical aptitude. Students normally transfer to the Economics Dept at the start of their third year after passing prescribed Economics and Statistics modules in their earlier years.

Mathematics and Philosophy BSc (UCAS code GV15)
Year 1 is based in the Mathematics Department, but 30% of your work is in Logic and Issues in Philosophy. In Year 2, you transfer to the Department of Philosophy, but you still study about 30% Mathematics.

Mathematical Degrees Run By Other Departments

Important Note: The entry requirements for the following degree courses are determined by the administering department and usually differ from the standard offer set for the above courses by the Mathematics Department.

Discrete Mathematics. This is based in the Computer Science Department. For details see the Discrete Mathematics webpage.

Mathematics and Physics. This is based in the Department of Physics. For details see the Maths/Phys Web pages.

Mathematics and Statistics. This is based in Department of Statistics. For details see the Maths/Stats Web Pages.

MORSE (Mathematics, Operations Research, Statistics, Economics). This is based in the Department of Statistics. For details see the MORSE Web pages.

Graduating Maths Undergraduates