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Offer - Mathematics Undergraduate Admissions

Our Offer for A-level, IB and Scottish Highers Applicants

We make a standard offer to most applicants doings A-levels, the IB or Scottish Highers, and this is explained below. There is separate advice for

Why we make a standard offer

Applicants are often surprised when they receive an offer before they visit us. We make a virtue of giving a standard offer because

  • it is a completely transparent policy and,
  • we know that those who achieve it ALL have the potential to get the best from our degree courses.

Standard Offer for 2017 Admission: A-Level Students

  • A* (Maths A-level), A*(Further Maths A-level), A (in a third A-level), and grade 2 in STEP, or
  • A*(Maths A-level), A*(Further Maths A-level), A* (in a third A-level), or
  • A*(Maths A-level), A*(Further Maths A-level), A (in a third A-level), A (in a fourth A-level)

Distinction in AEA is accepted as equivalent to grade 2 in a STEP paper. The offer excludes General Studies and Critical Thinking.

Standard Offer for 2017 Admission: IB Students

  • 39 points overall, with 6,6,6 in HL subjects, including HL Maths, plus grade 2 in STEP, or
  • 39 points overall, with 7,6,6 in HL subjects, including HL Maths.

Core points can be included in the overall IB score. Distinction in AEA is accepted as equivalent to grade 2 in a STEP paper.

Standard Offer for 2017 Admission: Scottish Highers Students

  • A1 (Advanced Higher Maths), A (other Advanced Higher), A (Higher Maths), AAA (three Higher subjects), plus grade 2 in STEP, or
  • A1 (Advanced Higher Maths), A1 (other Advanced Higher), A1 (Higher Maths), AAA (three Higher subjects).

Distinction in AEA is accepted as equivalent to grade 2 in a STEP paper.

Resits Policy

We do not object to resits within the normal two year A-level period. For example, you might have taken your A-level Maths at the end of year 12, and it didn't go well; in this case we're happy for you to retake it at the end of year 13. However, we're unlikely to make offers to students who need to take resits beyond year 13, unless there are strong mitigating circumstances. In this case you should ask your school to explain these circumstances in their reference.

Which STEP paper should I take?

We do not mind in which of the three STEP papers you achieve the grade 2. Distinction in AEA is accepted instead of grade 2 in a STEP paper. There is more information about STEP here, and about AEA here.

My school does not offer Further Maths or cannot help with STEP

The Further Maths Support Programme (FMSP) can help. It ensures that all students who could benefit from studying Further Mathematics or taking STEP have the opportunity to do so; it provides support of various kinds for both teachers and pupils. Check the regional page on the FMSP website for Further Maths and STEP support in your area.

The benefits of doing STEP/AEA

We believe that prospective students can best prepare to study Mathematics at university by taking STEP or AEA papers in addition to their other school-leaving examinations. The questions on these papers are closer to the style of mathematical thinking you will meet at university, and will help you develop mathematically. We therefore recommend, but do not insist, that applicants should take AEA, or at least one STEP paper. Because the questions are generally harder than A-level, they may be frustrating at first. Practice, and patience, are essential! We say more on STEP and AEA here. Remember: even if you don't come to Warwick, doing STEP or AEA will prepare you for wherever you do go, and the independent thinking they will help you to develop will almost certainly help your A-level grades.

Will I be interviewed?

No. We do not interview.

How will my application be dealt with?

Your UCAS application goes to the University's Student Admissions Office, where it is first considered. If there are no problems (such as not being predicted three grades A or higher) the Admissions Office then send you a formal offer in a letter from the Head of Admissions and relay this to UCAS. As the University gives equal consideration to all applications received by UCAS by the 15 January deadline, it may be some time before a decision can be made on your application.

General Entrance Requirement

All candidates must also satisfy the University's General Entrance requirement. This means some breadth in your studies - at least five different subjects to GCSE or A-level, and English to GCSE grade C or above. See the University pages here for more guidance.

Taking a Gap Year

We are well disposed towards applicants who wish to take a year out between school and university. Our experience is that students often benefit from the social maturity and broader perspectives a gap year can bring. But they also run the risk of losing touch with mathematics. We strongly advise gap-year students to prepare seriously for university by working on past papers (preferably STEP and AEA).

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There is more information on STEP and AEA here