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Professor Derek Holt

On leave term 2 2016/17

Picture of Derek Holt  

Derek Holt

Professor of Mathematics
   Director of MSc Studies
Joint Degree Adviser for Business Studies

Office: B1.27
Phone: +44 (0)24 7652 3480
Email: D dot F dot Holt at warwick dot ac dot uk

Teaching Responsibilities 2016/17:
Term 1:
MA467 Presentations of Groups

Reseach Interests:
Group theory, computational algebra

Selected recent publications:

Holt D, with Eick B, O'Brien E. Handbook of Computational group Theory. (536 pages), CRC Press, 2005.

Holt D, Epstein D B A. The linearity of the conjugacy problem in word hyperbolic groups. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ALGEBRA AND COMPUTATION,16,(2006),287-305

Holt D, O'Brien E. A computer assisted analysis of some matrix groups. JOURNAL OF ALGEBRA,300,(2006),199-212

Holt D, Hermiller S, Rees S. Star-free geodesic languages for groups. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ALGEBRA AND COMPUTATION,17,(2007),329-345

Gilman R H, Holt D, Hermiller S, Rees S. A characterization of virtually free groups. ARCHIV DER MATHEMATIK,89,(2007),289-295

Holt D, Owens M D, Thomas, R M. Groups and semigroups with a one-counter word problem. JOURNAL OF THE AUSTRALIAN MATHEMATICAL SOCIETY,85,(2008),197-209.

Holt D, Roney-Dougal C M. Constructing maximal subgroups of orthogonal groups. L.M.S. ELECTRONIC JOURNAL OF COMPUTATION AND MATHEMATICS,13,(2010),164-191.

Havas G, Holt D. On Coxeter's families of group presentations.JOURNAL OF ALGEBRA,324,(2010),1076-1082.

Holt D, Rees S, Artin groups of large type are shortlex automatic with regular geodesics. PROC. LONDON MATH. SOC. 104 (2012), 486—512.

Bray J N, Holt D, Roney-Dougal C M, The Maximal Subgroups of the Low-Dimensional Finite Classical Groups (London Mathematical Society Lecture Note Series) (2013).

Holt D, Roney-Dougal C M, Minimal and random generation of permutation and matrix groups, JOURNAL OF ALGEBRA 387 (2013), 195-223.

Research grants:

LMS, Visit of Prof S Hermiller (May 2006)

LMS, Visit of Prof E A O'Brien (July 2007)

LMS, Visit of Prof E A O'Brien (September 2011)

For more information and further publications see Derek Holt's homepage