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Tereza Klimosova


PhD student

From October 2015 I am a postdoc at ENS Lyon. My current webpage is here.

Email: tereza dot klimosova at ens-lyon dot fr

I am a PhD student at Mathematics Institute, the University of Warwick. My supervisor is Dan Král'.

Topic of my thesis: Limit structures and property testing

Research interests: graph theory, combinatorics, algorithms

2014/15 Term 2: seminar for CS259 Formal Languages
2014/15 Term 1: seminar for CS260 Algorithms
2013/14 Term 1: seminar for MA4J3 Graph Theory
2012/13 Term 2: seminars for CS137 Discrete Mathematics and its Applications 2
2012/13 Term 1: seminars for CS136 Discrete Mathematics and its Applications 1

M. Chudnovsky, Z. Dvořák, Klimošová, P. Seymour: Immersion in four-edge-connected graphs, available as arXiv:1308.0827, accepted to J. Combin. Theory Ser. B.
R. Glebov, A. Grzesik, T. Klimošová, D. Král': Finitely forcible graphons and permutons, J. Combin. Theory Ser. B, 110 (2015), 112-135.
Z. Dvořák, T. Klimošová: Strong immersions and maximum degree, SIAM J. Discrete Math., 28 (2014), 177-187.
T. Klimošová, D. Král': Hereditary properties of permutations are strongly testable, In Proc. SODA'14, SIAM, Philadelphia, PA, 2014 1164-1173.
I. Adler, T. Gavenčiak, T. Klimošová: Hypertree-depth and minors in hypergraphs, Theoret. Comput. Sci., 463 (2012), 84-95.

R. Glebov, C. Hoppen, T. Klimošová, Y. Kohayakawa, D. Král', H. Liu: Large permutations and parameter testing, available as arXiv:1412.5622, submitted.
R. Glebov, T. Klimošová, D. Král': Infinite dimensional finitely forcible graphon, available as arXiv:1404.2743, submitted.

Max Planck Institute, Saarbrücken (March 2015)
University of Montpellier (February 2015)
Uppsala University (December 2014)
Masaryk University in Brno (October 2014)
MEMICS 2014, Telč(October 2014)
ICMS Workshop on Extremal Combinatorics, Edinburgh (July 2014)
University of Rome "La Sapienza" (June 2014)
Mittag-Leffler Institute (April 2014)
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (January 2014)
SODA 2014, Portland(January 2014)
Bertinoro Workshop on Algorithms and Graphs (December 2013)
Winter School on Algorithms, Beroun (December 2013)
London School of Economics and Political Science (December 2013)
University of Warwick (November 2013)
Young Women in Discrete Mathematics, Bonn (June 2013)
Charles University in Prague (May 2013)
McGill University, Montreal (April 2013)