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Professor Roman Kotecký

Picture of Roman Kotecky  

Roman Kotecký

Professor of Mathematics

Office: B2.13
Phone: +44 (0)24 7652 3743
Email: R dot Kotecky at warwick dot ac dot uk


Teaching Responsibilities 2016/17:
Term 1: MA359 Measure Theory
Term 1 and 2 : MA395 Essay
Term 2: MA3H2 Markov Processes and Percolation Theory

Research Interests:
Probability; statistical physics; theory of phase transitions

Selected recent publications:

Roman Kotecký, Alan D. Sokal, Jan M. Swart, Entropy-driven phase transition in low-temperature antiferromagnetic Potts models, to appear in Communications in Mathematical Physics.

Adams, Stefan, Kotecky, Roman and Müller, Stefan. Finite range decomposition for families of Gaussian measures. Journal of Functional Analysis, 264 (1) (2013) 169-206.

Huang, Yuan, Chen, Kun, Deng, Youjin, Jacobsen, Jesper Lykke, Kotecky, Roman, Salas, Jesús, Sokal, Alan D. and Swart, Jan M.. Two-dimensional Potts antiferromagnets with a phase transition at arbitrarily large q. Physical Review E, Volume 87 (Number 1) (2013) Article number 012136 .

Biskup, Marek and Kotecky, Roman. True nature of long-range order in a plaquette orbital model. Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment, Vol.2010 (No.11) (2010) P11001.

Biskup M., Kotecky R. Phase coexistence of gradient Gibbs states. Probab. Theory Relat. Fields 139 (2007) 1–39

Biskup M., Kotecky R. Forbidden gap argument for phase transitions proved by means of chessboard. Comm. Math. Phys. 264 (2006) 631-656

Biskup M., Borgs C., Chayes J.T., Kotecky R., Kleinwaks L. Partitition funtion zeros at first-order phase transitions: A general anlysis. Comm. Math. Phys. 251 (2004) 79 - 131

Biskup M., Borgs C., Chayes J.T., Kotecky R. Partitition funtion zeros at first-order phase transitions: Pirogov–Sinai Theory. Journal of Statistical Physics 116 (2004) 97 - 155

Biskup M., Chayes L., Kotecky R. Critical region for droplet formation in the two-dimentional Ising model. Comm. Math. Phys. 242 (2003) 137-183

For more information and further publications see Roman Kotecky's homepage or his Expertise Profile