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Professor Vadim Lozin

Picture of Vadim Lozin  

Vadim Lozin

Professor of Mathematics

Office: B2.10
Phone: +44 (0)24 7657 3837
Email: V dot Lozin at warwick dot ac dot uk

Personal Home Page

Teaching Responsibilities 2016/17:

Term 1: MA4J3 Graph Theory
Term 2: MA252 Combinatorial Optimisation


Interests: Graph theory, combinatorics, discrete mathematics
Grants: Clique-width of graphs , Stability in graphs
Team: Viktor Zamaraev (postdoc), Andrew Collins (Ph.D. student), Igor Razgon (external member)
Supervision: Former posdocs, Ph.D. students, M.Sc. students, etc.
Visits: KTH, EPFL, KAUST, UFRJ, etc.
Talks: Plenary and others

Other activities:

Discrete Applied Mathematics (associate editor)
Electronic Notes in Discrete Mathematics (managing editor)
Discussiones Mathematicae Graph Theory (editorial board member)
VIII Latin-American Algorithms, Graphs and Optimization Symposium (member of the Scientific Committee)
7th International Network Optimization Conference (member of the Scientific Committee)
25th British Combinatorial Conference (chair)

Selected publications:

Atminas, A, Collins, A, Lozin, V, Zamaraev, V, Implicit representations and factorial properties of graphs, Discrete Mathematics, 338 (2015) 164-179.

Lozin, V, Zamaraev, V, Boundary properties of factorial classes of graphs, J. Graph Theory, 78 (2015) 207-218.

Korpelainen, N, Lozin, V, Mayhill, C, Split permutation graphs, Graphs and Combinatorics 30 , (2014) 633-646.

Korpelainen, N, Lozin, V, Razgon, I, Boundary properties of well-quasi-ordered sets of graphs, Order 30 , (2013) 723-735.

Lozin, V, Mayhill, C, Zamaraev, V, Locally bounded coverings and factorial properties of graphs, European J. Combinatorics 33 , (2012) 534–543.

Korpelainen, N, Lozin, V, Bipartite Induced Subgraphs and Well-Quasi-Ordering, Journal of Graph Theory, 67 (2011) 235-249.

Lozin, V, Minimal classes of graphs of unbounded clique-width, Annals of Combinatorics 15 , (2011) 707–722.

Lozin, V, Stability preserving transformations of graphs, Annals of Operations Research 188, (2011) 331–341.

Hoang, C, Kaminski, M, Lozin, V, Sawada, J, Shu, X, Deciding k-colorability of P5-free graphs in polynomial time, Algorithmica, 57 (2010) 74-81.

Lozin, V, A decidability result for the dominating set problem, Theoretical Computer Science 411, (2010) 4023–4027.

Lozin, V, Allen, P, and Rao, M, Clique-width and the speed of hereditray properties, Electronic Journal of Combinatorics 16, (2009) Research Paper 35.

Lozin, V, Boundary classes of planar graphs, Combinatorics, Probability and Computing 17, (2008) 287-295.

Lozin, V, Rautenbach, D, The relative clique-width of a graph , Journal of Combinatorial Theory Series B 97, (2007) 846-858.

Lozin, V, Gerber, M U and Hertz, A, Augmenting chains in graphs without a skew star, Journal of Combinatorial Theory Series B 96, (2006) 352-366.

Lozin, V, Brandstadt, A, Engelfriet, J and Le, H-O, Clique-Width for Four-Vertex Forbidden Subgraphs, Theory of Computing Systems 39, (2006) 561-590.

Lozin, V, Alekseev, V E and Korobitsyn, D V, Boundary classes of graphs for the dominating set problem, Discrete Mathematics 285, (2004) 1-6.

Lozin, V, Kochol, M and Randerath, B, The 3-colorability problem on graphs with maximum degree four, SIAM Journal on Computing 32, (2003) 1128-1139.

I hold a joint appointment with the Centre for Discrete Mathematics and its Applications (DIMAP)