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LMS-CMI Research School

Introduction to geometry, dynamics, and moduli in low dimensions

11-15 September 2017

Organisers: Javier Aramayona, Saul Schleimer, John Smillie

Organised by the London Mathematical Society and the Clay Mathematics Institute, this research school is aimed at post-graduate students and at interested mathematicians, both in the UK and abroad.

It will feature a set of minicourses, offering an introduction to a number of central topics in low-dimensional topology, geometry and dynamics. Each minicourse will be broadly directed towards one of the workshops in the Warwick-EPSRC symposium on Geometric Topology in
Low Dimensions, and will present the basic material needed to understand the central objects, ideas, and techniques that will appear there.

There will also be tutorial support for each course, at which attendees will have the opportunity to review the lectures, solve problems and ask questions related to the material presented in the course.

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Yael Algom-Kfir (Haifa)

Title: The geometry of outer space.
Syllabus: Outer space, the free-factor and free-splitting complexes. The action of Out(F_n) on these spaces. Analogies with the mapping class group.

Tara Brendle (Glasgow)

Title: Description of Teichmuller space in terms of hyperbolic geometry.
Syllabus: Metrics on Teichmuller space. Action of the mapping class group. Classification of mapping classes. Connections with combinatorial complexes.

Nathan Dunfield (UIUC)

Title: Methods for computation of geometric structures and invariants.
Syllabus: Exploration of low-dimensional manifolds. Application of computational tools.

Erwann Lanneau (Grenoble)

Title: Teichmuller dynamics.
Syllabus: Flat surfaces and billiards. The torus and Veech examples. Spaces of flat surfaces. The SL(2, R) action on strata and the method of renormalisation. Applications to counting problems and to windtree models.

Julien Marché (Paris VI)

Title: Geometric structures viewed in terms of representations.
Syllabus: Real and complex and hyperbolic geometry. Geometries of 3-manifolds. Deformation spaces of structures.


Stergios Antonakoudis (Cambridge)

Mark Bell (UIUC)

Schedule, abstracts and problem lists.

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