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MIRaW – Mathematical Interdisciplinary Research at Warwick

MIRaW Events - Term 3 - 2016/17

8-9 May 2017
Theoretical Challenges in Wave Turbulence
Organisers: Jason Laurie (Aston), Sergey Nazarenko (Warwick)

10 May 2017
Partial Differential Equations for Large Data
Organisers: Florian Theil and Matteo Icardi

12 June 2017
Predictive Modelling @ W
Organisers: Christoph Ortner, Matteo Icardi, James Kermode (Engrg), Peter Brommer (Engrg)
and Colm Connaughton

27 July 2017
Recent Developments in the Kinetic Theory of Gases
Organisers: Anirudh Rana, James Sprittles

MIR@W Events Term 1 2017/18

6 November 2017
Mathematics & Physics Far From Equilibrium
Organiser: Robert MacKay

Details of events and programmes will be added as they become available.

For further information contact:

MIRaW Programme Secretary
Mathematics Institute
Zeeman Building
University of Warwick
Coventry CV4 7AL, UK