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Science Christmas Lectures 2016

This year's science Christmas Lectures were another great success! Find out more about what took place.

Mon 19 December 2016, 16:42

Next steps towards preventing cancer and Alzheimer’s

Dr loannis Nezis from the School of Life Sciences has led a research project investigating proteins needed for Autophagy – a process where a cell consumes and destroys parts of itself that are harmful or damaged to recreate a healthy cell.

Thu 04 August 2016, 15:11 | Tags: Research, News, Life Sciences

New Space Discovery

New research by our Astrophysics Group has discovered a new exotic type of star system.

Wed 03 August 2016, 12:22 | Tags: Physics, News

Winners of the Faculty of Science Doctoral Thesis Awards 2016

This year's Faculty of Science Doctoral Thesis Awards have taken place and the winners have been announced. Find out more about the winners.

Fri 29 July 2016, 13:51

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Floods and hurricanes predicted with social media

flood pic

Social media can warn us about extreme weather events before they happen – such as hurricanes, storms and floods – according to new research by the University of Warwick.

Nataliya Tkachenko, with her supervisors in the Department of Computer Science, has found that photographs and key words posted online can signal weather risks developing in specific locations and times – for example, posts about water levels rising can alert the authorities to a potential flood.

Nataliya Tkachenko explains predicting floods & hurricanes with social media 7:30pm tonight on the BBC World Service.

Further Information

Tue 21 March 2017, 16:32

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Warwick Statistics now ranked 24th in QS World Rankings

The new QS World University Rankings by Subject were published on 8th March 2017, and Warwick Statistics has risen in the rankings from 39th last year to 24th this year. The department is now ranked 4th in the UK and 5th in Europe.

A press release detailing how the University of Warwick performed in this year's QS World University Rankings by Subject can be found here.

Thu 16 March 2017, 15:01 | Tags: Dept, Science, Faculty of Science

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Colossal terahertz magnetoresistance

Recently, the Warwick Ultrafast Photonics group and collaborators have shown for the first time that colossal magnetoresistance can be found at terahertz frequencies. Studying electron dynamics in new electronic materials is important in the drive to create new devices for future data processing and communications schemes.

Read more in this short summary, or browse the full article in Nano Letters.

DOI: 10.1021/acs.nanolett.7b00231

Mon 20 March 2017, 21:03 | Tags: Research

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Volunteering with ChemSoc Outreach

Thu 16 February 2017, 13:20

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World TB Day 24 March

On the 24 March 2017 the Fullam lab will be at Cannon Park Shopping Centre from 11:00-19:00.

Come and join us to find out more about TB, and the research that we are doing. There will be the opportunity to talk to people from the lab, take part in a number of competitions to win a tuberculosis petri dish (sponsored by Giant Microbes) and also win a voucher for the best selfie taken in our World TB Day Instaframe that is uploaded to the twitter #WarwickTB. There will be leaflets, balloons and stickers and an interactive activity featuring the 'Big Mouth' clown. Come and join us!

Learn more from our TB video

Any questions, please get in touch with

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Warwick Engineer receives prestigious EPSRC fellowship award

Professor Ian Guymer achieves Established Career Fellowship for groundbreaking water research.

Mon 20 March 2017, 14:02 | Tags: Research Water

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WMG PhD student receives international acclaim

Kateryna HechuKateryna Hechu, the lead author of a research paper entitled ‘Real-Time Measurement of Contraction Behaviour of Peritectic Steels During Solidification,’ has, along with her co-authors been awarded the prestigious 2017 Jerry Silver Award by The Association of Iron and Steel Technology (AIST).

AIST represents an international network of steel industry knowledge and expertise. It is a non-profit organisation with 17,500 members from more than 70 countries.

The Jerry Silver award is presented to the author of a process metallurgy or product applications technical paper judged to be the ‘best of class’ by the AIST Metallurgy – Processing, Products and Applications Technology Committee. One of the authors must be a student.

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Jan 2017 £2 million Wolfson Foundation grant awarded for new Mathematical Sciences building

The Wolfson Foundation grants University of Warwick £2 million for new Mathematical Sciences building

Thu 05 January 2017, 12:27 | Tags: People, Mathematics, Faculty of Science