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Computer Science News

BBSRC funding success for Till Bretschneider

Prof Till Bretschneider was successful with a £0.5Mio BBSRC grant application ‘Reconstructing cell surface dynamics from lightsheet microscopy data’ to work with a team at MRC LMB Cambridge (Dr Rob Kay) and Warwick Medical School (Prof Andrew McAinsh and Dr Karuna Sampath) from October 2017. They will develop new image-based computational modelling tools to investigate the biochemical regulation and physical forces that shape the cell membrane during cell motility and uptake of fluid. Both are important processes in embryonic development, tumour metastasis, and the immune response. The work will benefit from state of the art microscopy in Warwick’s Advanced Bioimaging Research Technology Platform that allows to acquire time series of 3D scans of single cells at high spatial and temporal resolution.

Tue 11 July 2017, 13:37 | Tags: People Grants Research Faculty of Science

Statistics News and Events

EPSRC Studentships Available

Two studentships have recently become available for Home or EU students educated in the UK to study in our vibrant department. We are eager to fill the places with two good students.

If you are interested in this exciting opportunity please follow this link:


Fri 23 June 2017, 12:21 | Tags: Dept, Students, Science, EPSRC, Faculty of Science

Physics Department News

Primary Science Fair

On Wednesday 12th July, the university welcomed 100 primary school children, aged 4 to 11 years old to the final of the Primary Science fair. Local Coventry and Warwickshire schools had hosted their own heats, where the best science projects had been chosen by teachers, students and parents. A judging panel made up of real life scientists and educationalists judged the entries and Professor Andrew Levan awarded first, second and third prizes in categories of Upper Key Stage 2, Lower Key Stage 2, Key Stage 1 and Reception.

Mon 17 July 2017, 15:36 | Tags: Feature News, Outreach, Public Engagement and Media

News @ Warwick Chemistry

Congratulations Eleni Bitziou

Congratulations to Eleni Bitziou and her family on the arrival of their baby daughter Lydia.

Mon 10 July 2017, 16:18

Life Sciences News

Multi-million-pound investment in a regional cryo-electron microscopy facility

A state-of-the-art Midlands regional cryo-electron microscopy (Cryo-EM) facility has been established, following a successful bid by the Universities of Warwick, Nottingham and Birmingham, led by the University of Leicester.

The total investment exceeds £6M, with £3.7M from the Medical Research Council. The four partner Universities will provide the remaining funds, with the University of Warwick contributing £460,000.

The co-applicants of the project from Warwick were Dr Corinne Smith from the School of Life Sciences, with Professors Mohan Balasubramanian and Rob Cross from Warwick Medical School.

As part of the investment, a new 200KV cryo transmission electron microscope will be placed in the Advanced Bioimaging Research Technology Platform, located within Warwick’s School of Life Sciences.

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Psychology News

School of Engineering News

Second Humanitarian Engineering Symposium agenda confirmed

University of Warwick is set to host a series of high level speakers from around the world

Mon 19 June 2017, 15:22 | Tags: Research

WMG News

WMG submarine team UK champions at international race

Students from WMG at the University of Warwick, who designed and built a submarine, were the UK champions at the 2017 International Submarine Race (ISR) in Washington DC, USA.

godiva 3

The human-powered submarine – Godiva 3 – achieved the fastest times and won more awards than any UK team in the competition, scooping the ‘Best Use of Composites’ and the ‘Best Design Outline’ awards.

Godiva 3 also achieved third place internationally in its class for speed, reaching 2.52 knots.

The Warwick Submarine team is made up of seven Engineering students from a variety of disciplines across the University.

The team has access to world-class engineering expertise and facilities from both WMG and the School of Engineering - both academic departments at the University of Warwick.

Over the past few months, the team has gone from developing an original concept for the submarine to constructing its parts, conducting thorough analyses, working with sponsors, and now taking part in a major global competition.

During the ISR, the team had to deliver a presentation to the panel of judges, submit a design report of their submarine, and race it in time trials on a 100 metre underwater course.

Fri 21 July 2017, 15:05 | Tags: Undergraduate Homepage Article 1


July 2017 András Máthé invited to speak at ICM2018

András Máthé has been invited to speak at ICM 2018, the International Congress of Mathematicians 2018, to be held in Rio de Janeiro in August.

Thu 20 July 2017, 10:12 | Tags: People, Mathematics, Faculty of Science