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Department of Physics

Student News

Faculty Thesis Prizes

Congratulations to David Chapman, Tom Machon and Davide Michieletto who have been awarded 2016 Faculty of Science PhD Thesis Prizes for their exceptional research on Probing the dynamic response of dense matter with x-ray Thomson scattering, Aspects of Geometry and Topology in Liquid Crystalline Phases, and Topological Interactions in Ring Polymers, respectively.

Feature News

Juno Champion Renewal

We are pleased to announce that our Juno Champion status has been successfully renewed by the Institute of Physics. The award is in recognition for the department's efforts to promote gender equality amongst both staff and students, and for good working practices.

Research Updates

image Solar cycle variation of energy in the solar wind

The solar wind flows away from the Sun, depositing energy into the magnetosphere as it reaches Earth. Here we explore various ways of quantifying this energy and its variation over the last 20 y…

Athena Swan Silver Award iop_juno.png

The Welfare and Communication Group (WCG) works to promote good working practices and gender equality in Physics.