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Department of Physics

Student News

Warwick Awards for Teaching Excellence

Three Physics postgraduates have been shortlisted in the WATE, "Postgraduates who Teach" category, in recognition of their invaluable contributions: Greg Brown (1st year lab, planetarium outreach), Tobias Eriksson (2nd year electronics lab), and Rachael Procter (Microprocessors lab & outreach). The …

Feature News

image Primary Science Fair

Almost a hundred primary school children were welcomed to the Ogden Primary Science Fair, hosted by Ally Caldecote, on April 12th. Finalists were selected from over 1600 entries in eight Coventry and Warwickshire schools to present their science projects to a panel of physics postgraduates and under…

Research Updates

image The damping profile of standing kink modes in coronal loops

Oscillations of solar coronal loops are observed to be strongly damped. This can be explained by mode coupling, which coverts the wave energy from bulk transverse motions to localised, unresolve…

Athena Swan Silver Award iop_juno.png

The Welfare and Communication Group (WCG) works to promote good working practices and gender equality in Physics.