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Department of Physics

Student News

image Pettifer Prize 2015-16

The Pettifer Prize for the best overall performance in the first year examinations was awarded to Michal Moravec for 2015-16 by Mary Pettifer and David Leadley, Head of Department.

Feature News

image Prof. Julie Staunton named as Physical Review "Outstanding Referee" for 2017

Professor Julie Staunton is among the 150 Outstanding Referees of the Physical Review journals, as chosen by the journal editors for 2017.

Instituted in 2008, the Outstanding Referee program expresses appreciation for the essential work that anonymous peer reviewers do for our journals. Each year a sma…

Research Updates

image An improved Bayesian algorithm for modelling time series with long memory and heavy tails

From finance to solar flares, time series whose statistics show long memory and heavy tails are commonplace. We present a more accurate way to measure the memory and estimate the risk of extreme…

Athena Swan Silver Award iop_juno.png

The Welfare and Communication Group (WCG) works to promote good working practices and gender equality in Physics.