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Lecture Notes

These lecture notes include all the diagrams used in lectures for reference. There are also some links specific to each lecture.

Most lectures have been recorded using the Echo360 Lecture Capture system and can be viewed here.

    Global Heat Balance

    Lecture 1 - introduction
    Numbers and equations

    Lecture 2 - radiation balance

    Global CO2 levels
    IPCC 2013 report
    Sustainable development - the UK Government's approach

    Vertical Structure

    Lecture 3 - thermodynamics and description of layers
    Lecture 4 - the ozone layer
    Tutorial on the ozone layer
    Monthly views showing extent of the ozone hole


    Lecture 5/6 - cloud formation

    Cloudman's Gallery
    Cloud Appreciation Society
    Clouds from University of Illinois
    Clouds from Plymouth State College
    Weather Image Gallery
    Morning Glory

    Lecture 7 - thunderstorms

    Storm chasing, Supercell video
    Nacreous Clouds
    Noctilucent Clouds, More noctilucent clouds

    Atmospheric Dynamics

    Numbers and equations (Lecture 8/9)
    Coriolis Force
    Sea Breeze

    Geostrophic Wind

    Dust devil, Waterspout pictures

    UK Weather

    Lecture 10/11 - Mid-latitude Climate

    Lecture 12 - Global circulation

    Aqua planet - global circulation, showing ITCZ and extratropical wave structure.
    Jet Stream , Current Jet Stream chart

    Tropical Weather

    Lecture 13


    Hurricane development

    Hurricane images
    Hurricane tracking
    Hurricane videos

    NASA Videos - A week in the life of rain

    Atmosphere/Ocean Interaction

    Lecture 14

    El Niño 2002/3
    El Niño tutorial