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Maps and Directions to Physics


The Physics department building can be found on the campus map. The Physics departmental (office P566) is on the 5th floor of this building.

We also occupy the Physical Sciences building, which houses CFSA, Theory and Astronomy groups, and share the Materials and Analytical Sciences building.

The Solid-State NMR and EPR groups can be found in Millburn House. For directions to Millburn House, please visit:

All buildings have disabled access. There are two lifts in the Physics Department, a passenger lift and a goods lift. The passenger lift access is via the ground floor entrance (through the main reception area of the building). The goods lift is at the opposite end of the building (near the Physics stores area).

The Physical Sciences building has a stair lift (for assistance, if on the ground floor, please go to room PS002 (opposite stair case) or ring Extn: 74111. For first floor, please ring Extn: 23965).

Meeting rooms

Meeting rooms P521 and P523 are on the 5th floor of the main Physics building.

PS017a can be found in the Physical Sciences building, directly inside the main entrance of the building. PS128 is on the first floor of Physical Sciences.


Toilets are available in all buildings. Those with wheelchair access are available on floor 1 of the Physics building (main entrance end of the building) and at each end of the building on Floor 3. In the Physical Sciences building there is a toilet with wheelchair access on the Ground floor.

Safety for visitors within the Department

In the event of a fire alarm, the lifts will be disabled. If you are unable to leave the building via the stairs, you should wait at the nearest designated Refuge Point in one of the stairwells.

Fire Marshals will inform the Fire Services if anyone is waiting at a Refuge Point.

The department is able to provide a wheelchair for short visits, and if this is required please contact the Departmental Secretary on prior to your visit.


If you are arriving by car, then we recommend using car park 15.
From car park 15 the shortest route is to enter Physical Sciences. Proceed to the first floor and walk across the bridge to the main Physics building.

Four disabled parking spaces are available next to the Physics Department. Two in Car Park 10B (near the main entrance to the Physics Building) and two next to the Physics Goods Yard (opposite Car Park 10).

For general information on car-parking on campus see:

Directions and travel information

For general directions and travel information to the University visit:

If you require any further assistance for your visit to the department, please contact the Departmental Office on 024 76 523965 or email: